Snoe Suntervention Bloggers Convention

Snoe Suntervention

Some two weeks ago, I, along with other handful of beauty bloggers, got invited to the Snoe Suntervention Bloggers Convention. It was a weekend full of fun and exciting activities, gorgeous hunks, and makeup and skin care products! What’s not to love?

The event was started with an opening sizzling dance number by Snoe’s “Lady Men”, firedancing amidst the rainy weather. They got everyone so excited with their daring moves!

The event was hosted by Nyay Volante and Ms. Jen Gerodias-Diaz, who is the President of Snoe. Ms. Jen gave a lot of helpful information about sunblock, and the important reasons why we should never leave home without it. Who knew sunblock was serious business? Thus, Suntervention Serious Sun Protection SPF 80++ was born.

Bakit parang iritable yung partner ko? Magaspang ba kamay ko? XD

We were given the chance to try out the Suntervention — but not on ourselves. Some lucky girls, myself included, got the chance to put sunblock on these gorgeous boys. For the life of me, I’ve never put sunblock on anyone but myself before. :)) And I was deathly scared of what my boyfriend’s reaction will be when he finds out that yes, I dared touch some other guy and lathered sunblock all over him. It was so funny, because I was doing this with Mich ( and she was literally slapping on the sunblock on the guy’s body. As for me, hehe, I took my time. You know, to make sure that it’s er.. “blended well”. :p

Over pre-dinner, I got to know some other bloggers like Marco ( and Helen ( I’m so happy that finally, I don’t feel so alone in an event anymore! <3

The three Best Dress ladies

Snoe had a few more activities for us bloggers, and everyone participated as well as they could. It showed how everyone was vying to win some Snoe Money!

Snoe Money

Snoe Money was the currency during the event. Instead of giving us ordinary lootbags with pre-chosen Snoe products, they gave us the liberty to choose which products we’d like to take home, buying them with out Snoe Money. With the amount of products they had during the event, it was so difficult to choose which to buy with our Snoe Money. Of course, we could just add cash if we decided we wanted to buy more stuff than our Snoe budget would allow.

Hello, plethora of Snoe skin care and cosmetic products! Everyone went crazy for the Hair Heroes with Intense Argan Oil, as well as Snoe’s Feminine Wash called “Oh My Wash”. When I had the Hair Heroes in my hand as my loot has already gone past the budget, I knew in my heart that I couldn’t leave the Hair Heroes behind :)) I just had to take it home! And everyone got to take home a bottle of Suntervention SPF 80++! So timely for the summer, and for any other day, actually. I’ll tell you more about the sunblock trivia I learned during the event in another entry. :D

My thoughts during the event: How could I be so lame and not know about Snoe before all this? They have so many amazing products I wish I knew about way back. Even their product names were so well thought of, so ingenious I just want to buy some of the products because they had insanely awesome names. Their current products are amazing, but what’s to love more is what they have in store for everyone in the future. I look forward to CC creams (move over BB creams, better coverage is here!), more sales, more Snoe stores opening and being more accessible and available for everyone. And! Ms. Jen is so inspiring. I was thinking during the event, I want to be just like her. She’s so fierce, really.

Last photo for this post (taken from Mich’s blog). Me with Mich and my loot of Snoe products I just couldn’t wait to try out. Mich and I have some non-blogging friends in common, mostly people who doesn’t know about my blog (though I’d like to keep it that way). Nice meeting you, Mich! Hope to see you in another event :D

I took home some amazing Snoe products and I can’t wait to tell you why I love them. I’ll be posting about it soon. Till then! -ED

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