Snoe: Bath Romance

Whitening soap Philippines
Snoe White Special Kojic and Glutathione Soap

Hello! These are my new bath and post-bath friends, thanks to Snoe!

First off, I’m not the type to spend hours on end taking a bath. I think I’m like one of the boys when it comes to bathing, really. But now, I get to enjoy bathing a *wee bit longer* thanks to these new products I’m trying out.

Snoe White Special Kojic and Glutathione Soap – With the powerful combination of Kojic and Glutathione soap, who wouldn’t be fairest of them all when they use Snoe White Special Kojic and Glutathione bar? Just leave the lather on for two minutes, then rinse. When I first used this soap, it reminded me so much of Cyleina’s Whitening Tomato Bar, because of its smell and effect.

Tip: Cut bar soaps in half or in thirds. Especially kojic soaps which tend to melt faster in the soapdish when swimming in excess water. You get to save more soap and avoid waste.

Intimate Wash
Snoe’s Oh My Wash!

Feminine Wash
Extra Saucy Packaging of Snoe’s Oh My Wash!

Snoe’s Oh My Wash is their extra sexy and extra feminine Feminine Wash that comes in four variants: The Beauty Queen, The Movie Star, The Girl Next Door and the Supermodel. I couldn’t resist the girly packaging, not to mention its floral scent. Ms. Jen Gerodias, President of Snoe, explains that most feminine wash focus on how they’re clinically tested, and other scientific aspects of it all, but Snoe’s Oh My Wash! highlights the girly experience of pampering yourself.

Body Glaze
Snoe’s Sweet Hair and Body Glaze

Snoe’s Sweet Hair and Body Glaze gives off that beautiful glow to your hair and skin. I love the smell of Melon on my hair and skin! Shen recommended this to me during the Snoe Bloggers Convention. Other than the glow it gives off, this makes me feel real good because of the Honey Dew Melon Yogurt Smell. Perk up your day with Snoe’s Hair and Body Glaze!

Hair Leave-on
Snoe’s Hair Heroes Extreme

Snoe’s Hair Heroes Extreme

Just as I mentioned in my previous post about the Snoe Bloggers Convetion, I couldn’t take my hands off Hair Heroes Extreme when I had it. I’m prone to bad hair days, and I’m not very maarte  when it comes to styling my hair. My boyfriend tells me I should take better care of my hair, and I know that this is just the product to help condition my hair. I’ve been leaving it around the house, in places accessible to me, so that whenever I have unruly tresses, I can rely on Snoe Hair Heroes Extreme to come to my rescue. It really does the trick, taming strands that are out of place. The beauty of Snoe’s Hair Heroes Extreme is that you can use it as a conditioner or as a leave on, on wet or dry hair. You can use it in any hair condition, just whenever you’re feeling like you need a quick hair fix.

There are still a number of amazing Snoe products that I have not yet discovered, but I’ll be uncovering each and every one of them in the future. What about you? What Snoe products have you tried recently? -ED

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  • Miz Eloise  says:

    love snoe id lov to try d invisible wonder

    lets follow each other?

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