Korean Drama DREAM HIGH + Korean Secret to Losing Weight!

Dream High Season 1

My best friend  has been convincing me since forever to watch Dream High, a Korean drama series that pretty much has the “Glee”-feel to it at first take. It was only when local channel ABS-CBN announced their intention to air this prized series that my curiosity was piqued. I didn’t want to watch the series and remember it forever with sucky dubbing, so I HAD to watch it before they show it on local TV. Sorry, I’m being an elitist, but yeah, past experiences with local channels taking on great shows and transforming them for public consumption didn’t always turn out great. So I decided to stick with the original.

Thank God for online streaming. Watch episodes of Korean Drama Dream High Season 1 Here: http://ithetimes.wordpress.com/category/drama-shows/dream-high/

I really enjoyed watching this drama, and it really made me tear up more than once. When I’m in dance practice, I always remember Teacher Shi and how she never want any of her students to lose intensity even during practice. I don’t sing, but I loved listening and watching the cast perform. Not to mention, the guys were all eyecandy. Jin Guk-oppa!

Taecyeon as Hyun Shi Hyuk / Jin Guk <3

I loved how the cast were all very talented! Especially IU, who has the prettiest voice among the cast. Props as well to Kim Soo Hyun for being the only one among the six main cast members who isn’t really a performer or part of a K-POP group. He danced and sang so well like everyone else, and I wasn’t able to tell at all that this was his first time performing, dancing as intensely as he did on the show. I also liked T-ARA’s Ham Eun Jeung, too!

The show reflects the many challenges faced by aspiring artists who would want to successfully debut as performers. IU, who plays Kim Pil-Suk, the girl whose weight keeps her from debuting as a performer, eventually overcomes the challenge of losing weight by following a simple diet plan:

I would love to adapt this diet, but it won’t be easy for me since I work shifts. Anyway, hope this diet plan works out for any of you guys! -ED

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