Get Sole and Chatime : Bloggers’ Tea Time

Get Sole and Chatime brought together a handful of bloggers last week for a Bloggers’ Tea Time with Get Sole’s Brand Ambassadors David Guison and Kelly Medina, as well as showcase Get Sole’s stylish shoes.

Get Sole
Casual Men Flats Get Sole
Gray Sneakers for Men
Get Sole Brown Sneakers
Shoe heaven Get Sole
Shoe Brand Ambassadors
Get Sole Brand Ambassadors Kelly Medina (L) and David Guison (R)

Erika Ongtauco of Get Sole with two of the best dressed bloggers in the event, together with Kelly Medina and David Guison

My Choice of Milk Tea: Chatime Taro Milk Tea with Less Ice and Pearls. Love <3

Chatime Eats Flavored Fries
Chatime Eats Flavored Fries

Chatime Eats Pepper Salt Chicken Chops
Chatime Eats Pepper Salt Chicken Chops

Chatime served the bloggers their milk teas and their flavored fries and pepper salt chicken chops. They were really tasty treats and I think it really went well with the drinks. :) I chose my favorite Taro Milk Tea with pearls. It was my first time at Chatime Centris Walk, and I initially had a hard time looking for it, because I thought the Chatime branch was inside the Centris Mall. Turns out that it’s situated along a strip of shops at Centris Walk, which is a cozier place to unwind and have tea.

OT: Can I just say that I have this huge girl crush on Get sole’s Erika Ongtauco? She’s like a ball of sunshine <3 I don't know! Nakakainis kasi when I got there and she saw me, she was like, “Diba ikaw si Doll? Ikaw yung mukhang doll!” saying it for everyone to hear, when all I really thought about was that she looked more like a doll than anyone there :)) She’s effortlessly pretty. Okay, /gush over.

Get Sole shoes look so comfy and stylish! And that’s what style should be all about, because it’s difficult when you compromise comfort for aesthetics. These awesome shoes are available at American Boulevard Branches for only 599php per pair, and comes in three colors: Classic Black, Hip Brown and Gray tone. You may also order directly through 0915-567-28-08.

Here are some of our photos during the event:


It was a really fun event, being with all the other bloggers and just chilling with my favorite cup of milk tea. Thanks Get Sole and Chatime! :D

For updates and more info on Get Sole:

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Watch this space because I’ll bemposting about Get Sole’s contest next! :) -ED 

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