Everyday Doll’s 1st Blogversary: Lessons Learned from My First Year of Blogging

It’s feels so amazing to wake up and realize that for a year already, I’ve been counting and recounting special moments and occasions here on my blog. I’ve made new friends, gained lots of new experiences, opened a number of opportunities for myself, and so much more that I am greatly thankful for. Here are some lessons I learned during my first year of blogging:

1. Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Hits, Pageviews, and other what-have-yous don’t matter at all. That is, of course, if you’re blogging for the heck of it. I’ve met a number of bloggers who’s always like “What’s your blog’s PR? Mine’s higher than my IQ.” In such cases, I always remind myself that I started this blog to create something that is uniquely my own, my very own space on this huge intarwebs. When I share something online and other people benefit from it, that alone is enough motivation for me to go on blogging.

2. When you sign up for an event, make sure you show up for the event. I’ve learned this the hard way, when I got the opportunity to organize an event for bloggers a couple of months back. It was so heartbreaking to see so many people sign up and only a handful actually came. Don’t sign up if you’re not sure to come. When you register or sign up for an event, this means that you have the intention of coming, you are free on that date, and that you’re presence will be expected if your blog qualifies to attend. It saves the PR time and effort if you’re one less fickle person off their list.

3. When you attend events, don’t expect loot bags. Have the mindset that you are going to take home something more substantial than your average loot bags. An open mind is wider and can hold so much more than your regular paper bag would.

4. Bloggers have the most colorful lives. I’m not living out my dream life, but I try my best to make it happen for me everyday. Every frickin’ waking moment is an opportunity to make wonderful memories, and we bloggers get to share it with everyone out there. It doesn’t even require spending! Just bring to life your wonderfully creative ideas, and you’re all set to go!

5. Lastly, blogging is about having fun! I’m having so much fun, I even thought to myself, “Hey, I should just quit my job and blog all day!” but I’m not earning much as compared to seasoned and SEO-soned bloggers out there, so quitting my job would make me an immature and irresponsible young adult who’d be completely depending on my parents for my needs :)) The point is, everyone should blog for fun. It’s about enjoying, being in the moment, and enjoying that moment with other people as you make your memories available to gazillion other people out there! So don’t become the kind of blogger who cares too much about the page ranks and the hits, because at the end of the day, none if it matters, so long as your having the best time of your life, and having others experience it, too, through your blogging.

That’s about it! From this point, expect more personal posts because this blog’s looking so much like a big dumpster of advertorials, and I won’t let that happen yo. At times, I’m quite vulgar, but I’m sorry I’m not going to apologize for not being more lady-like lol. That’s just not me.

Just would love to thank everyone who I’ve met through blogging, and for those who’ve been continuously reading my posts (even though sometimes, it’s just really me, lol), thank you! <3 Expect more love with the wave of giveaways I have lined up for my first blogversary. Much love,

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