Dancing and Me: The Saga of Unrequited Love Part 1

Ever since the boom of KPOP fame here in the Philippines, or actually, ever since before that, I’ve become a fan of dancing. Take note that it’s entirely different from saying that I’ve become a dancer. For some reason, my love for the Japanese culture, with their share of girl groups too, never enticed me to try moving my two feet to the rhythm of the music. It was the long-legged, flawlessly beautiful, skinny and outlandish girls from Korea that had me thinking: Hey, I can do that.

Of course, everything is easier said than done. Despite my academic achievements, I realized during my first try that I am not Bodily kinetic – intelligent. I have a hard time getting the steps in my head, and could only dance repetitive steps of not less than four counts each. Oh, the road to my dreams of dancing like a KPOP idol seems longer than SNSD’s Sooyoung’s legs. (If you’re not familiar with Sooyoung, she has legs that stretches to infinity. She’s my favorite SNSD member. I swear I will give up three years of my life to have half the length of her legs.)

Introducing: Sooyoung’s Legs that stretches on to forever

Later on, I found myself still dancing. Dancing despite not getting the steps right, dancing for the heck of it. Dancing to the music that fits the mood, and dancing simply because it makes me feel good. I can dance even when I’m so tired and lacking hours of sleep, and still feel inexhaustible. Thanks to my best friend (who is such an amazing dancer, those girl groups should definitely ask her to join them) whose patience has been tested from endless hours of teaching me the right steps, the right amount of oomph, and the proper way of doing things.

I might not have a third of Sooyoung’s legs’ length, but my legs have enough fat to make a truck of soap for India /pride

Getting recognized for being the Best Performer at a Christmas Party. Obviously, these people have not seen better dancers. T_T

And so, I continue on with dancing, and even joined a dance troupe, despite my schedule. I’m not the most talented dancer, but I’ll sure as hell be the one who works the hardest. Last night we had our first three-hour practice, and it left me almost incapacitated. The girl on my right kept accidentally slapping me every time she turned. And because I try hard, too hard at times, I think my head’s suffering a serious whiplash injury, or simply a bad case of stiff neck from all the head whipping that I’ve been doing. Feel na feel kase. But I promised I’ll commit 100%, kahit practice pa lang, because excellence is a habit. Naks.

Channeling SNSD while dancing to The Boys. Wish I had at least a third of their height lol

So I’m typing this entry down, hardly able to look down at the keyboard, or move my head from side to side. I can hardly get out of bed without straining my neck, and every time I’m walking, I feel like I have this huge-ass neck collar wrapped around my neck, because any other position would be torturous. Despite the body aches and pains, dancing has completely made me its slave. :)) I guess it’s the idea that you’re always moving, never idle or stagnant even if it’s feet busy strutting or stumbling, that makes dancing so fascinating to me.

I’ll keep on dancing til I’m out of breath. I’ll keep on moving til it’s insanely impossible. That’s how it’s going to be. -ED

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