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Everyday Doll x Eazy Fashion Korean Accessories Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to the winner of 1k worth of Korean Accessories from Eazy Fashion! I’ll contact you shortly via Facebook, so please make sure to send me your shipping details within 48 hours from receiving my PM.

Again, thanks to everyone who joined Everyday Doll x Eazy Fashion’s short giveaway!

Tune in for the next giveaway. I’ll be posting about it very soon. For now, head over to Beauty’s Treasure’s Facebook Page and don’t forget to LIKE the page for updates on my next giveaway.

Ciao! -ED

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Korean Drama DREAM HIGH + Korean Secret to Losing Weight!

Dream High Season 1

My best friend  has been convincing me since forever to watch Dream High, a Korean drama series that pretty much has the “Glee”-feel to it at first take. It was only when local channel ABS-CBN announced their intention to air this prized series that my curiosity was piqued. I didn’t want to watch the series and remember it forever with sucky dubbing, so I HAD to watch it before they show it on local TV...

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Everyday Doll x Eazy Fashion Korean Accessories Giveaway!

I’ve been keeping this as my own little secret for months now, but I’ve discovered this online shop which is really a big haven of Korean fashion accessories. I wanted to be a little selfish and keep this treat to myself, but it’s just to good to not share!

Introducing Eazy Fashion, also on Multiply (, home to the most affordable and most fashionable on-hand Korean accessories here in the Philippines...

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Everyday Doll’s 1st Blogversary: Lessons Learned from My First Year of Blogging

It’s feels so amazing to wake up and realize that for a year already, I’ve been counting and recounting special moments and occasions here on my blog. I’ve made new friends, gained lots of new experiences, opened a number of opportunities for myself, and so much more that I am greatly thankful for. Here are some lessons I learned during my first year of blogging:

1. Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Hits, Pageviews, and other what-have-yous don’t matter at all. That is, of course, if you’re blogging for th...

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Marithe + Francois Girbaud on 50% Discount to Club Le Jean Members

Great news to all Girbaud fans! Girbaud is now offering 50% discount on their best sellers exclusive to the members of their loyalty program, Club Le Jean.

Valid during Thursdays-Saturdays, April 19-22 and April 26-29, you can easily avail of the 50% discount by presenting your Club Le Jean card and rewards booklet.

Become a Club Le Jean member today! Some of the perks of becoming a member include moneyless shopping using points earned, and the biggest treat of them all: a chance to trade your ...

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Snoe: Bath Romance

Whitening soap Philippines
Snoe White Special Kojic and Glutathione Soap

Hello! These are my new bath and post-bath friends, thanks to Snoe!

First off, I’m not the type to spend hours on end taking a bath. I think I’m like one of the boys when it comes to bathing, really. But now, I get to enjoy bathing a *wee bit longer* thanks to these new products I’m trying out.

Snoe White Special Kojic and Glutathione Soap – With the powerful combination of Kojic and Glutathione soap, who wouldn’t be fairest of them all when...

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Dancing and Me: The Saga of Unrequited Love Part 1

Ever since the boom of KPOP fame here in the Philippines, or actually, ever since before that, I’ve become a fan of dancing. Take note that it’s entirely different from saying that I’ve become a dancer. For some reason, my love for the Japanese culture, with their share of girl groups too, never enticed me to try moving my two feet to the rhythm of the music. It was the long-legged, flawlessly beautiful, skinny and outlandish girls from Korea that had me thinking: Hey, I can do that.

Of course, ...

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Snoe Suntervention Bloggers Convention

Snoe Suntervention

Some two weeks ago, I, along with other handful of beauty bloggers, got invited to the Snoe Suntervention Bloggers Convention. It was a weekend full of fun and exciting activities, gorgeous hunks, and makeup and skin care products! What’s not to love?

The event was started with an opening sizzling dance number by Snoe’s “Lady Men”, firedancing amidst the rainy weather. They got everyone so excited with their daring moves!

The event was hosted by Nyay Volante and Ms...

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The Breakout Diaries Episode 2

Onti na lang. Onti na lang talaga.

This is me giving myself a peptalk whilst in front of our huge-ass mirror, scrutinizing my skin and every inch of my face. My last entry regarding my favorite preoccupation ever, which is my pimple breakouts, was last October. Yes, I still haven’t fully cleared them out of my system just yet.

Although in photos, they may not seem so obvious, my face sans the makeup, it’s still an angry mob of pimple scars...

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I’m Making Smart Financial Decisions at Age 21

First of all, I’m not an expert on handling finances. My friends would know I always overspend way beyond budget (but I have the money, so no one’s complaining), and that all I do is shop and shop. I’m an only child, and I’ve never fully appreciated being one until I had to earn the money I will use for my everyday expenses. My job’s not an 8-5 occupation, which makes me more conscious about the money I’m earning and where it goes to. So yes, this is where it all boils down: I want my money to g...

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