Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at SM Mall of Asia : Singaporean Comfort Food

When le boyfriend told me that we’ll be eating at Hong Kong Cafe, my first reactions was, “HA?? Baka kamo Tokyo Cafe (Huh? Maybe you mean Tokyo Cafe)” as I was referring to one of our old-time favorite restaurant cafes also with a branch in Mall of Asia. It was only when I was standing in front of Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe that I began to believe my boyfriend. #relationshipfail

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe originated in Singapore, but offers a fusion of Cantonese-style food and Hong Kong + Singaporean local favourites. They recently made a home here in SM Mall of Asia last December 12, 2012. Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is located just beside the IMAX theater.

Outside Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, passersby can see this huge LCD screen displaying the menu, as well as the satiating dishes that would make you hungry from just looking. The best part is that just from looking at the LCD, you get an idea of what the cafe offers and how much the dishes cost. No need to shy away from the place just because it looks expensive (I’ve done this a lot in the past, only to find out that some restaurants I’ve avoided had fairly priced offerings).

Entering the restaurant, we were ushered by one of the staff to our seat of choice. The tables were kept clean, and already had utensils prepared: spoons, forks, and chopsticks. The menu were handed to us, and as we leafed through the menu, our eyes feasted on the number of dishes that Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe offered. Over a hundred dishes were on the menu, which filled us with indecision, because we wanted to try everything! Only, we just had some heavy Chorizo burgers when we passed by the Super Sale Bazaar earlier that day, which means less tummy room for food :( So we had to choose wisely. For our choices, we decided to steer away from the usual Chinese dishes we always eat when at Binondo, because we wanted to sample some new flavors and dishes.

I happily looked around and snapped photos while waiting for our order to arrive. First served was the Milk Tea.

I’m a big fan of Milk Tea, and when I tasted Hong Kong Cafe’s Milk Tea, I felt it tasted… different. It wasn’t the conventional sweet milk tea that I love. It was bittersweet, to put it simply. The milk tea served was plenty. I was unable to finish it at all.

Next came the Cheese Baked Rice with Pork Chop. They also offer Cheese Baked Rice with Mushrooms, in place of Pork Chop. They used plenty of Mozarella for the cheese. It was cheese overload! There’s also cheese on the rice itself, unlike cheese baked meals sold in other local fastfoods and restaurants, where in others, their cheese baked meals would only have baked cheese on top of the rice, leaving you unsatisfied. This had cheese all over. It was great. I loved the taste of this dish.

The dish I chose for myself was the Tangy Tomato Sauce Chicken Chop Rice. The serving was big. I was however, left unsatisfied with the taste. It lacked some more sauce, and the chicken chop was not flavorful at all, hence me hoping there was more sauce to compensate. While eating this, I was thinking how I should have just ordered the Cheese Baked Rice with Mushrooms, instead :))

Price: The food was reasonably priced, taking into consideration the huge serving that will leave you full.

Service: Despite being relatively new, and in spite of the negative comments I’ve been reading online about their poor and slow service, I felt that the service was good. We only had to wait some fifteen minutes before our meals were served, which was good, because the place was packed that time, and they were still able to serve quickly.

Place: Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe has only one branch here in the Philippines, located in SM Mall of Asia. It’s accessible and easy to find. The restaurant is spacious, and is well maintained and kept clean. they also have their own comfort room. It is well-lit, and keeps a good atmosphere for dining. /ihavenothingbadtosay :)) The place is all good.

Will I Come Back? With their generous menu offerings, I just have to come back and try the other dishes! So yes, will definitely be coming back, and I hope that you guys try Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe for yourselves, too! –ED

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