PINKspiration : Pink Hair Love

I promised myself that I will have my hair dyed pink in the future. Until then, all I can do is admire these girls who have pretty pink hair. Sharing these with you guys and spreading the pink love. <3 Let’s start off with singer, Pink, who has always been known for her pink hair. Nowadays, she’s seen sporting other hair colors too.

PINK – Short pink hair

Singer PINK with her characteristic pink-dyed hair
Rachel McAdams Pink Hair

Rachel McAdams confesses that she’s always wanted to have pink hair, like pink hair for the full head, but her hairstylist suggested to “start small”. She’s settled for pink highlights since then.

Avril – Pink highlights

Avril also sports the pink highlights together with her blonde hair. This is a really pretty and girly combination, and it gives the blonde her a little more edge.

Scene Queen Audrey Kitching

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Audrey Kitching’s fashion style is scene? I’m not very familiar, though. But I love her hair. She’s always out with her long, pink hair, and she has been the first to inspire me to dye my hair pink too, because she looks totally glamorous with her pink hair. Keri!

One of my favorite bloggers EVER, XiaXue, who’s a blogger based in Singapore and has bagged numerous blog awards also has pink hair. And she looks so amazing! How I wish I can post her photos here too, but I’m not so sure if it’s okay with her :)) So please do check out her awesome blog.

Here are other photos of pretty girls I found online, and I’m sharing them with you. (They’re mostly from tumblr, but I just found these through Google.)

Their pink hair makes me want to eat it! I hope I’ll be able to sport a pink hair as glam as these girls. :) – ED

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