Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2012: China vs. Netherlands

A lot of people came to see this year’s Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2012. When we were choosing which schedule to attend, we chose the one with China in it, well, simply because we don’t know anything about the other countries, and that we know that fireworks was invented by the Chinese. So, they must be pretty advanced compared to the other countries, right? #oneplusone

We ate at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe first before heading to the grounds. We bought a GOLD Pyromusical Ticket weeks earlier from Ensogo worth 150 each. Initially, we thought it was cheap. It was only when we claiming the tickets during the event that we found out that on site, they were selling Gold tickets for the same price!

I had high hopes for this, primarily because I got to watch previous Pyrolympics competitions before at Mall of Asia. It was really beautiful, with the fireworks exploding right in front of your face. It was dream-like and just made of pure awesome. This year, it was not anywhere near my expectations.

The ship where the staff was lighting up and setting the fireworks were stationed on the horizon of the bay. Like, really far away. And that’s okay, if they delivered the fireworks to a height that everyone, even the people positioned farther back can appreciate. We got as close to third row, just behind the people seated on the bayside. We really tried to get as close, because I’ve been looking forward to this for photography practice and all. Unfortunately, even at that distance, I couldn’t take more than a handful of decent shots: either the fireworks explode too low, or the heads of the people in front of us get in the way of a really good photo. I’ve tried raising the tripod’s neck to it’s longest distance, and even that helped so little. It was frustrating, to not get anything out of the whole experience.

And then I realized.. that had I lost the camera (not literally lose it, just put it away), I could have focused on the fireworks than getting photos of the fireworks. Same goes for everyone who was there, with a camera, iPad, or a phone in hand. People nowadays have lost what “living in the moment” means. While we’re all connected by technology and social networks, and it’s supposed to keep all of us abreast with each others progress and updates, it also distorts the reality. Reality is being in the moment, and enjoying the things that actually transpired right then and there, and not the reality of having something to post for your Facebook profile for everyone else to see. We’re there in that event, physically, but not wholly. It’s like being there, but not being there. You get what I mean?

And post-event, you’d hope that everything would be fine, but the walk to the exit was terribly cramped by people who can’t exercise discipline. In the same way, the grounds suffered a great deal from all the trash that was left scattered, thrown just about anywhere there’s still space. I feel sorry for us Filipinos, that our foreign counterparts who were also at the event saw how we lacked the discipline to take responsibility for our own mess. :( If only we can instill a greater sense of discipline in the next generation, we might have a comfortable tomorrow to grow old in.

Too many realizations from a single event. Hope your Pyromusical experience would fare better than mine. :) -ED

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