Must Try: Ying Ying Tea House : Binondo Dim Sum Haven

Ying Ying Tea House is a small Chinese cuisine place located in Binondo. Now, the thing with Chinese restaurants and dimsum places in Binondo is that they are so plenty there, you don’t know which to try first. And they really all look similar, so it doesn’t help that someone like me, who knows very little about Chinese food, should go there alone without proper guidance of someone more experienced with the restaurants here in Binondo. Luckily, I didn’t dare explore alone, as I was with le boyfriend, who knows Binondo like the back of his hand.

Le boyfriend says that I’ve been here before. My memory fails me though, because, like I said, these places all look alike :)) And we eat in a lot of Chinese restaurants, sometimes eating only dim sum for breakfast. Today was no exception, my stomach wanted only dim sum for brunch.

I personally love Wan Chai’s dim sum, but we decided to go for Ying Ying’s because of the traffic that kills Binondo streets on weekends. The street where Ying Ying is located  is less traffic-congested, which allowed for easy parking.

As usual, coffee for me and tea for the prince. I get a migraine when I don’t have my cup of coffee in the morning.

Beef balls. Don’t worry, they’re not really beef “balls”
Pork Siomai

While the pork siomai tasted okay, I was longing for the Pork Siomai of MaSuKi, which is super big and really tasty when dipped in sauce.


Shrimp inside the hakao

The hakao too made me long for the hakao of Wan Chai. I guess I got accustomed to the taste of Wan Chai’s hakao that nothing tastes as good as that.

Beancurd Roll also known as Steamed Lumpia

Cross section of the beancurd roll
Crabstick roll
Japanese Siomai

My personal favorites were the Crabstick Roll and the Japanese Siomai. The hakao just made me miss Wan Chai’s too much ; n ;

Price: One order of dimsum ranges from 65 – 80 pesos, which isn’t really cheap, but the dim sum’s worth it.

I like Ying Ying, but not as much as I love MaSuKi, President’s or Wan Chai’s. Yes, will definitely eat here again, but would still opt other Chinese cuisine places other than Ying Ying’s.

Hope my post made you hungry for dim sum! -ED

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