Krav Maga Philippines : Teach Yourself the Art of Practical Self Defense

Krav Maga Philippines was for me entirely unheard of, until one day, my boyfriend and I had a conversation about one of our friends who fell victim to a group of men who got inside the taxi she was riding, and threatened to rape her and kill her if she fails to give them her valuables, as well as her ATM card’s PIN. Given the same situation, I wouldn’t know how to react. Stories like these are rampant nowadays here in the streets of Manila. Many take advantage of others’ weaknesses, and it breaks my heart that we now walk the streets in fear of getting robbed, mugged, or injured by ill-willed individuals. I told le boyfriend that I wanted to take up self-defense classes, but with so many out there, how would I possibly know which one’s perfect for me and would teach me to defend myself? There’s karate, judo, aikido, taekwondo, etc. “Why don’t you try Krav Maga?” was le boyfriend’s helpful suggestion.

Krav Maga Philippines – Gym at Asuncion Badminton Court, San Juan

Brimming with excitement and curiosity, I grabbed the chance to try out Krav Maga last Wednesday over at their main gym, located in Asuncion Badminton Court, San Juan. Since I’m not very street-smart, I took a while before I found the place, with Mommy Cecile Cinco from arriving immediately after I have stepped inside the building. It was 7:05 PM when we arrived, which gave us some time to get to know about Krav Maga Philippines from Sir Abeth, with some getting-to-know-yous in between. At 7:30 PM, it was game time.

Krav Maga training involved lots of fun drills and activities, which ultimately aims to put techniques to use when faced with attackers and other threatening situations. There were drills which taught us effective techniques to employ when running in a crowd. when running in a crowd while carrying luggage, when an attacker advances with a knife aiming from below, aiming from above, and so much more. It kept me moving and sweating. If you’re hoping to lose weight, then yes, this is your value meal: self-defense training + work-out in one.

Krav Maga Philippines – How to run in a crowd

Here are some helpful information that I managed to pick up during the one and a half hours of training which might come in handy when dealing with an attacker :

  • Look at an individual’s hands, and not the face or the eyes. The eyes won’t kill you, but whatever they’re holding might. When their hands are kept behind them, fit could be that they are hiding something, or it could be that they are not. Until proven otherwise, or you’ve seen whatever they have in their hands for yourself, assume that they are holding something that could potentially harm you. (Can I just say that I am guilty of this? I try to look at suspicious people’s faces, hoping they would be deterred from their evil plans just because I would be able to recall what they look like. Now I know better)
  • When being attacked, look for items near you that you can use to block the attacker’s weapon, shove the attacker away, or distract the attacker. If picking up said item would cause you lag time and would ultimately lead to your injury, forget the item and just run. Survival is the goal.
  • Awareness is important. When running from an armed attacker, be aware of your surroundings, too, making sure that you don’t run into another armed attacker.
  • Kick high to push an attacker away. A kick to the chest can push them off balance more, as compared to kicking them in the abdomen.
  • Use your limbs to protect yourself from getting injured in any vital body parts such as the torso, etc. While our four extremities are important to us for maximal functioning, the lack of any one or more of these limbs would not prevent us from surviving. We can live and survive without the use of our limbs.
Krav Maga Philippines – Chief Instructor Bjorn Karlsson showing us how to effectively block an attack from below

It occurred to me that in times like this, we can never be too safe. If you’re sick and tired of watching bad news on TV, and still be reading about them when you go online, then I know that you have an idea of how bad things are right now. And being a short girl doesn’t help either. *Gives myself a pat on the back for major self-awareness* Knowing this much allows me to think of how I can prepare myself in the event that I chance upon an attacker. I most probably won’t be beating up the bad guys with sheer strength, lest I become a body builder. I most probably won’t be beating up the bad guys, period. What I love about Krav Maga is that it doesn’t teach you how to disarm attackers, or how to beat up the bad guys. Rather, it teaches you how to outsmart an attacker, and how to survive an attack. It doesn’t rely on strength, and thank heavens it didn’t, because it gives everyone a chance to survive. It’s all about techniques we learn and practice over time that becomes instinctive responses during an actual attack. And that gives everyone the chance to become empowered.

Krav Maga Philippines offers Krav Women, as well as Krav Kids this Summer 2012. They also offer Krav Fit, which aims to improve endurance, as well as core and muscle strength. Find out more about Krav Maga Philippines by liking their Krav Maga Philippines Facebook Page , checking out their website or sending your inquiries to You can also call 726-5021 for more details on their training programs and schedules. Krav Maga Philippines has another gym in Legazpi Village, Makati City for those who might find the main gym slightly inaccessible from their location.

Bjorn said, “I hope everything you learned in this training will be completely useless to you..” in hopes that we never have the need to use it on anyone. That, we’ll never be able to tell for certain. For us, the next best thing is to become prepared and be empowered. Everyone’s doing it– men and women of all ages, and even kids! It shows that it’s never too late or too early to learn Krav from Krav Maga Philippines. It will only ever be too late if we find ourselves under attack, and we fail to react appropriately. -ED

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