Kanebo Kate Makeup Line Animation – The Beauty Blogger’s Exclusive

I got invited to attend the Kanebo Kate Makeup Line Animation last March 5 at SM Megamall, and I was really looking forward to it after missing their Kanebo VIP Beauty Affair. I went alone and didn’t know any of the beauty bloggers who attended. (Well I know them online, but don’t really personally know them, and they don’t know me because I’m an obscure, little blogger :P ) It gets sad attending events with you not knowing anyone. Instead of discussing the products with someone else, you formulate conversations in your head, hoping you can have actual conversations with an actual, non-imaginary person at that moment. Yes, this is a call for help :)) If you’re a blogger who’d like to be friends with me, I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU! :) I wanna sit next to you during blogger events, and take pictures with you, and go shopping and do random shit.

Anyhoo, going back to the awesome mall animation I was talking about earlier…

The Kate eyeshadows were super pigmented! They really highlight your eyes, and make everyone’s eyes focus on yours.

Mr. Eman de Leon
Ms. Suzanne Tan
The Professional MUAs in action

While I was waiting for my turn to be made-over, I was watching Mr. Eman and Ms. Suzanne do their thing, and realized that the biggest difference between an amateur like me, who learned everything I know from Youtube makeup gurus and practical know-how, from professional makeup artists like them is that they don’t have to use layers and layers of makeup products to achieve their desired look. They’re very minimalist, and they take up less time to get that look.

When it was finally my turn, I was made over by Ms. Mariel Izon, who I later learned was also a nurse, like me! We got to talking about the shit nurses have to put up with, why she chose a career change, and a few other business ventures she has going on. She’s amazing, and I told myself, “I want to be just like her.” And of course, her makeup skills are just as awesome.

Here’s my look after the makeover:

Photo of the eye makeup done

And here’s a photo of me with Ms. Mariel and Ms Yannie.

With Ms. Mariel
Ms. Yannie of Kanebo

I loved my look. Btw, Ms. Mariel used the KATE Makeup Base BB and the Kate Stick Concealer, which effectively covered my acne scars and uneven skin tone, without feeling heavy on my face. Can you even see any hint of my hormonal days in my photos? I couldn’t, that’s why I loved my look so much.

For those of you who wanna get your chance to be made over, head over today and tomorrow for the last two days of the launch of Kanebo’s Lunasol Spring Summer 2012 Makeup Collection at Rustan’s Makati from 1pm to 7 pm. And not only that, they’re even slashing off 10% off the prices of ALL Kanebo items. So, don’t miss it! I have work these two days, so, please go for me? And enjoy the lovely makeup Kanebo has to offer :) –ED

PS: Again, thanks to Ms. Yannie, Ms Mariel, and Kanebo for a wonderful afternoon! ;)

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