Best Food Forward 2012: Best Finds

Last weekend, we traveled to BGC for the grand summer benefit food fair, Best Food Forward. Catchy name, isn’t it? We went to last year’s Yummy Eats around this time of the year, too, and we were so excited to sample each and every gastronomic delight possible. The ticket cost us 50 pesos each, which was a good price to pay for all the treats we were expecting in store for us inside the NBC Tent.

Here were some of our finds!

Best Food Forward
Caramel Candies

They’re getting awfully creative with the names, aren’t they? Yemashita’s Treasure for prized yema / candy balls, which tastes really good! However, it’s well priced at ten pesos per piece.


Cheesecake cupcakes

Duckie’s Cupcakes dished out cupcakes that were too difficult to resist, especially since they’re Cheesecake Cupcakes!

Chocolate delights

Choco ATBP offered a chocolate feast. They have this innovation called Chocolate Dumplings.

Chocolate dumplings

Yes, as you would expect anything chocolate, Choco ATBP’s Chocolate Dumplings taste awesome.

My Pink Wasabi with its sweet and tasty version of Maki. Looks like the real thing, right?
Personalized Chocolates Philippines

These personalized chocolates are by Unit16Sweet. It makes an awesome gift idea or a great giveaway. Prices start at 22 pesos per chocolate bar with it’s personalized packaging. You can also choose what type of chocolate you’d like (local, imported, sea salt, etc)

Bottled vinegar

Hello us, sucker for all things vinegar. We bought Sinamak courtesy of Melba’s Farm. The packaging is genius! It makes great display on the dining table, with very little costs incurred.

Wasabi Spread

Now, if you’re feeling like experimenting with flavors, try out Whisk‘s Japanese Mango Dressing. It goes well with bread or crackers, or as a dip for your chips. Very tasty, especially for those who has much appreciation for Wasabi, they have contained the flavor in this dressing.

Butter Beer
Butter Beer

For those of you who are Potter fans, you may have already heard of Butterbeer before. Largely fictional in the past, some geniuses have made butterbeer the reality that is in this cup. This was the first beer that I actually liked. If beer tasted this good, I’d be considered an alcoholic.

Creative Kitchen Aprons
Creative Kitchen Aprons for sale
Banana bread
Banana apple bread fruit bread carrot bread

Karlene’s Banana Loaves has got to be one of the fullest and most dense loaves in the fair.

Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen by Manila Catering offers microwaveable meals, which have got to be one of the most useful finds for me, and for the rest of the people here in Manila who’d like to order and have easy meals delivered for a group of people. Great for parties (impromptu ones, especially), this is easy to serve and really tasty.

Nutella cupcakes

Nutella lovers unite! *Raises a spoonful of Nutella* This is one of our best finds in this year’s fair.

Thai coffee

Before leaving, we stopped by Thai Cha Yen Milk Tea‘s stall. If you must know, I love milk tea, and it’s my staple drink whenever there’s a milk tea place within reach. I love my milk tea sweet, and yes, sometimes, I go as far as 125% to 150%. And when I tasted Thai Cha Yen’s Royal Milk Tea with Pearls, I knew it tasted different. It lacked the sweetness that I have always been accustomed to, but it didn’t bother me because the tea they used, which was Thai tea, provided depth to the taste. It wasn’t very sweet, yet I liked it. If you’d like to try it Thai Cha Yen out, they have a stall in One Corporate Center Food Court in Ortigas. Wish they’d open up branches in the South!

Outside the NBC Tent were a number of food stalls that we each visited. One of which, which I made a point to visit, is Ms Annalyn Jusay’s Chicken Delish.

Chicken Delish

I paid 100 pesos for this two pieces of chicken,one of which was dipped and covered in spicy Sriracha sauce, and the other one in Pinoy Buffalo. Sesame seeds added flavor to the chicken. We originally wanted Pinoy Barbecue, but during that time, it wasn’t available.

Chicken Delish Sriracha and Pinoy Barbecue
Sriracha and Pinoy Buffalo

I ordered the two pieces of Chicken without the rice because I was pretty full from all the taste-testing that happened inside the NBC Tent. When I tasted Sriracha, my first reaction was, “This is spicy!”, just the way I loved chicken. For those who are unfamiliar with Sriracha, it’s Thai hot sauce with butter and honey. The Sriracha Chicken was flavorful and made me want more. Simot to the bones talaga!

Chicken Delish

Pinoy Buffalo happened to be good as well, although for me, the flavor is not quite as memorable as Sriracha. One notable thing for me about the taste was that, even though the chicken was simply dipped in the sauce, it was not only the chicken skin that absorbed the flavor. The meat packed in some flavor as well. The flavorful taste was distributed evenly to all the parts of the chicken, not leaving any area tasting bland or dull. With probably a little more time dipped in sauce, the chicken meat might just absorb all the flavor in all the right places.

Chicken Delish
Ms Annalyn “AJ” Jusay

Definitely a twist to the usual chicken, and it made me long to taste this recipes even in the comforts of my own home. Until my mom cooks up a recipe as great as this, I’ll be sticking with Chicken Delish.

Chicken Delish
Chicken Delish’s SA looking intense, probably thinking, “Here comes the hungry horde! Bring it!”

Hoping I made you hungry and want to have some of Chicken Delish’s tasty wings and drumsticks, you can Chicken Delish in bazaars such as the Midnight Mercato, as well as their store in Caltex Gas Station at Better Living, Paranaque City.

That’s it for this year’s Best Food Forward 2012 Best of the Best Finds! Have a belly yummy weekend! ED

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