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I’m finally feeling the 2012 Summer heat, and I’m ready to hit the beach. That’s after I file for a vacation and grab a bikini. But wait! You guys should know that there are two things to watch out for when donning that swimsuit: first is a wardrobe malfunction, either caused by ill-fitting swimsuits or a bad choice of swimsuit (for your body type); and second, hair sticking out of the wrong places. Eep! I’d rather be caught in pants on the beach than with that bikini boo-boo. I can’t take my chances, not with summer this near. So I took a visit to Strip: Ministry of Waxing at Greenbelt 5.

Strip : Ministry of Waxing has established its hairless presence all over Asia: originating from Singapore, then making its way to a few more cities in the East like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta, and of course, Manila. And it’s reign is not limited to just Asia! It has already reached New York and even the royal hairs of London (pun intended). They take pride in having beautifully waxed over two million bushes! It gives waxing virgins like me confidence that they know their thing.

Waxing used to be brutal in the earlier days. But Strip’s founder, Cynthia Chua, found an elegant way for everyone to enjoy waxing. With Strip’s waxing philosophy of HSQ, which stands for Hygiene, Speed, and Quality, customers can be assured of a hair-free and less embarrassing waxing experience.

Can you believe it? They can shape your private hairs.

No more pictures from this point onwards. Just the grueling and exciting narrative of my first waxing experience down there. Yep, I was feeling a little adventurous and bold and decided to go for THE Brazilian.

I got to the Strip: Ministry of Waxing Greenbelt 5 Branch at around 2:30 PM. It was not difficult to find, since it was my second time there, the first time ended with me missing my appointment by two hours, and Strip couldn’t accommodate me as they were already booked for the night. Definitely my fault. So this time, I made it a point to be thirty minutes early. It was 2:30PM on my watch when I approached the counter, gave them my name and the treatment I requested for, and was asked to take a seat while I wait for my turn. I noticed the neon green rooms, which was the rooms for Browhaus, our resident Brow experts. I waited only for around ten minutes, before I was ushered by Cristy, my Waxing Therapist for the day.

Cristy was very nice. She understood that it was my first time and kept encouraging me to relax and become less tense. For the first fifteen minutes, I find myself doing exactly what Cristy is asking me not to do: I was tense and anxious. But learning that Cristy, who is also a nurse, and has been doing this for three years already, trained by “OC” and “strict” waxing experts from Singapore, I eventually warmed up. After thorough cleansing, and physical and mental preparation, we decided to start stripping it off.

I remember reading somewhere that compared to other waxing salons, Strip really embodies hygiene, as they replace paddles every time they spread the hot wax on the part to be waxed. I observed this too, during my experience, as Cristy started with a number of paddles, and using them one by one, a brand new paddle every time a new area is being waxed. Before applying the hot wax, she would always remember to caution me, so as not to surprise me with the heat of the wax. And when she would pull off the wax, she would ask me to take deep breaths. And off the hairs go.

Pain? I’ve had my preconceptions. The image of Emily Browning (as Lucy in Sleeping Beauty) having her private hairs waxed off, and ending up terribly screaming in pain would come to mind. But from my personal experience, the pain was tolerable. A slight stinging sensation in the area would be felt for a good thirty seconds to a minute max, but would be eased with Cristy’s hand’s pressure on the area waxed. The moderate pressure given on the area dulls the pain, replacing it with the sensation of pressure, making the stinging sensation more tolerable.

There were areas that were more sensitive to the stripping, but I was able to survive it! If you’re afraid of pain, take relief in the fact that I’m the kind of person with a very low pain threshold. I have analgesics in every compartment of every bag I own. Post-waxing, I’m walking straight lines with ease! It is important to keep in mind that the pain is temporary. You won’t even feel it after you’ve walked out of the waxing room. Cristy and I aptly put it as “Tiis-ganda.” No pain, no gain, ladies! But if you’re still deadly afraid of the pain, Strip offers an add-on called Squeezy toys, which acts much like a stress-ball, to help ease the pain.

Post waxing, I feel like a happy baby! Haha, bikini-confident and ready for summer! But work’s not done yet. Cristy says there are still a few more things to do to avoid infection and irritation on the waxed area.

Here are some of the post waxing do’s and dont’s taken from Strip: Ministry of Waxing’s Website:

Post-wax, the skin area is delicate and requires special care. We highly recommend that you don’t do the following for the next 24 hours:

  • Don’t have a hot bath or shower
  • Don’t sunbathe
  • Don’t go for heat or ultraviolet treatments such as sun beds or saunas
  • Don’t wear tight or restrictive clothing
  • Don’t use perfumed products
  • Don’t rub or touch the area as empty follicles provide a route for a nasty bacteria invasion
  • Don’t use deodorant or antiperspirant products (on the area)
  • Don’t use self-tanning products and make up
  • Don’t swim or sunbathe in the swimming pool or in the sea
  • Don’t scrub the area

Likewise, there are some things that we do recommend to keep your skin happy

  • Do apply X’ed out cream once a day in the evening from the day of the treatment for 2 weeks to prevent and treat ingrown hairs 
  • Do apply Sothys cream once a day in the morning till the next treatment
  • Do exfoliate skin with our Malin   Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub every 4-7 days, starting 3 days after treatment to deal with ingrown hairs

According to Cristy, it is essential to exfoliate starting at day 3, to prevent the pimple-like appearance of pores on the waxed area. This is because dirt and other particles may block the open pores in the area, which were once occupied by the hair and hair follicle. Post Wax Care products are also available for purchase at Strip.

Cristy stressed on the importance of undergoing monthly waxing treatments to prevent uneven growth of hair on the waxed area, as well as to maintain the appearance (or rather, disappearance) of unwanted hair. The pain lessens with routine waxing :)

It was a great ‘first’ for me, and I definitely see myself coming back to Strip for the needed maintenance.

Interested in being “stripped”? Take a look at Strip Manila’s Waxing Price list to get an idea of how much the services  and products cost:

Taken from Strip Manila’s Facebook Page

I just said bye-bye to hair in all the wrong places. Thank you Strip Manila, Strip: Ministry of Waxing! Til next time :) -ED

Strip Manila has two branches: one located in Serendra, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig; and the other, at the 4th floor of Greenbelt 5, Makati. They’re open from 11 AM – 9 PM daily, and until 10 PM during Fridays and Saturdays.

Find out more about Strip Manila from their website:
Like the on Facebook: Strip-Manila on Facebook

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  • Kristen  says:

    Yung IPL for underarm na 5000, per session ba yun? And yun na ba yung nakaka-whiten ng underarm at tighten?

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