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Best Food Forward 2012: Best Finds

Last weekend, we traveled to BGC for the grand summer benefit food fair, Best Food Forward. Catchy name, isn’t it? We went to last year’s Yummy Eats around this time of the year, too, and we were so excited to sample each and every gastronomic delight possible. The ticket cost us 50 pesos each, which was a good price to pay for all the treats we were expecting in store for us inside the NBC Tent.

Here were some of our finds!

Best Food Forward
Caramel Candies

They’re getting awfully creative with the names, aren’t they? Yemash...

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PINKspiration : Pink Hair Love

I promised myself that I will have my hair dyed pink in the future. Until then, all I can do is admire these girls who have pretty pink hair. Sharing these with you guys and spreading the pink love. <3 Let’s start off with singer, Pink, who has always been known for her pink hair. Nowadays, she’s seen sporting other hair colors too.

PINK – Short pink hair
Singer PINK with her characteristic pink-dyed hair
Rachel McAdams Pink Hair

Rachel McAdams confesses that she’s always wanted to have pink hair, like pink hair for the full head, but her hairstylist suggested to “start small”...

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Krav Maga Philippines : Teach Yourself the Art of Practical Self Defense

Krav Maga Philippines was for me entirely unheard of, until one day, my boyfriend and I had a conversation about one of our friends who fell victim to a group of men who got inside the taxi she was riding, and threatened to rape her and kill her if she fails to give them her valuables, as well as her ATM card’s PIN. Given the same situation, I wouldn’t know how to react. Stories like these are rampant nowadays here in the streets of Manila...

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Must Try: Ying Ying Tea House : Binondo Dim Sum Haven

Ying Ying Tea House is a small Chinese cuisine place located in Binondo. Now, the thing with Chinese restaurants and dimsum places in Binondo is that they are so plenty there, you don’t know which to try first. And they really all look similar, so it doesn’t help that someone like me, who knows very little about Chinese food, should go there alone without proper guidance of someone more experienced with the restaurants here in Binondo...

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Kanebo Kate Makeup Line Animation – The Beauty Blogger’s Exclusive

I got invited to attend the Kanebo Kate Makeup Line Animation last March 5 at SM Megamall, and I was really looking forward to it after missing their Kanebo VIP Beauty Affair. I went alone and didn’t know any of the beauty bloggers who attended. (Well I know them online, but don’t really personally know them, and they don’t know me because I’m an obscure, little blogger :P ) It gets sad attending events with you not knowing anyone...
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The Shu Uemura Beauty Visa — Learn How To Get One for Free

Shu Uemura’s offering 10% Discount on Purchases, plus loads of freebies, such as free consultation, makeover, and eyebriow styling when you present this Shue Uemura Beauty Visa, valid until the end of this month. Simply go and like Shu Uemura’s Facebook Page, grab the Beauty Visa photo, and print out a copy. Present your Beauty Visa in any Shu Uemura store here in Manila.

Stay Beautiful! -ED

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It’s More Fun in The Philippines Photos

I really love DOT’s “It’s More Fun in The Philippines” Campaign. It’s very catchy and it promotes a great sense of pride among Filipinos.

In support of DOT’s campaign, here are some I made using the photos I took from Barbara’s Restaurant in Intramuros and the

It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines! :) -ED

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Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2012: China vs. Netherlands

A lot of people came to see this year’s Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2012. When we were choosing which schedule to attend, we chose the one with China in it, well, simply because we don’t know anything about the other countries, and that we know that fireworks was invented by the Chinese. So, they must be pretty advanced compared to the other countries, right? #oneplusone

We ate at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe first before heading to the grounds...

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Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at SM Mall of Asia : Singaporean Comfort Food

When le boyfriend told me that we’ll be eating at Hong Kong Cafe, my first reactions was, “HA?? Baka kamo Tokyo Cafe (Huh? Maybe you mean Tokyo Cafe)” as I was referring to one of our old-time favorite restaurant cafes also with a branch in Mall of Asia. It was only when I was standing in front of Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe that I began to believe my boyfriend. #relationshipfail

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe originated in Singapore, but offers a fusion of Cantonese-style food and Hong Kong + Singaporean...

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Be Bikini-Ready With Strip Manila : Ministry of Waxing

I’m finally feeling the 2012 Summer heat, and I’m ready to hit the beach. That’s after I file for a vacation and grab a bikini. But wait! You guys should know that there are two things to watch out for when donning that swimsuit: first is a wardrobe malfunction, either caused by ill-fitting swimsuits or a bad choice of swimsuit (for your body type); and second, hair sticking out of the wrong places. Eep! I’d rather be caught in pants on the beach than with that bikini boo-boo...

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