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Before anything else, I have to come clean: I love post processing my photos. I don’t feel that they suck at all, it’s just that, I’m in love with filters and colors and hues, and that’s how I see the world, and the camera just doesn’t do my photos justice :)) I want to show you how I see things, hence the post-processing. But many of the photos you’ll see in this post, HARDLY POST-PROCESSED. You’ll see why.

Last Friday, I got the chance to enjoy dinner in a very beautiful spot in Intramuros called Barbara’s Restaurant. It’s located inside Plaza San Luis Complex, and in front of the San Agustin Church. It’s another treasure trove smack dab in the middle of Intramuros. The thing you fall in love with in Intramuros is the fact that in every nook and cranny of this walled city is a piece of history that you just want to uncover.

Barbara’s has become a go-to place for weddings and events by many Filipinos. However, a lot of people are unaware of the fact that their dinners and lunches are just as festive as any special day. You can even enjoy coffee at Barbara’s while taking a leisurely stroll in the city.

The place was just so beautiful. With a little imagination, you’d feel as if you time-travelled back to the Hispanic Era.

Dinner was buffet-style, and in no time, people flocked to the buffet table. The place was packed, so you’d really expect that the line to the buffet table was long!

Roast Pork Loin
Ginataang Halo-halo. Yum!

Service: I really appreciate the service of Barbara’s staff. During the time that we had our hands full at the buffet table (and literally full, juggling two plates in one hand, and a DSLR in the other), we asked one of the waiters if he could take our plates for us and put them in our table. The two waiters we asked luckily said yes (and with a smile!). They were so helpful and accommodating, and I was able to take my photos that way :)

Ambiance: The place was gold. It really brings you back to that romantic era of Hispanic times. We get to enjoy dinner while being serenaded with Tagalog love songs, and it makes you remember all these nice songs, amidst the noise of today.

Food: We ate so much, I had to unbutton my shirt! The dishes that really stood out for me were the Lumpia, the Roast Pork Loin with Yam and Orange Sauce, the Brownies, Ginataan, and the Coffee Jelly. I wish I could have gone for seconds, but by the time most of the people in line had gone back to their seats, the dishes I mentioned above were gone. Consumed. Simot. That says a lot. :)

The Highlight of the Night: The Cultural Presentation got the people glued to their seats, save for the group of bloggers who were moving up and about snapping photos like crazy (myself included). It was surreal. The musicians, the dancers.. they were all so talented to have been able to recreate and transform the place. It was like time-warp. There was Pandanggo sa Ilaw and Binasuan, both really tricky dances which involved balancing a glass on the dancers’ heads while twirling and dancing. The Tinikling provided every member of the audience an adrenaline rush, as each watched, awestrucked, the nimble feet of the dancers escaping a close call with injury.

Dancing up a storm

The dancers and the musicians did everything so effortlessly with a smile, despite the difficulty of the feat. They jumped, and everyone’s hearts jumped. The costumes, too, were very generous in detail, and that completed the whole feel of the show. It was magic as the glitz and glamour of the Philippine culture unfolds right before our very eyes.

To end this post: Yes, I would definitely come back, and yes, I would bring my family and friends along to experience. This goes without saying that I am recommending Barbara’s Restaurant to anyone who hasn’t been there regardless if you’re Filipino or not. If you’re a foreigner, then this is a great show, and that missing out on the Barbara’s experience makes you miss a whole lot of the Philippine experience. If you’re a Filipino, then all the more should you go indulge in the richness of our culture, often neglected and unappreciated, but never less beautiful and captivating.

Facebook: Barabara’s Restaurant
Email: barbarasrestaurant@yahoo.com
Mobile No.: +63 917 838 7545

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