Subic Adventure : 17th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival + Tree Top Adventure + Zoobic Safari

Philippine HotAir Balloon Tickets

Life’s became really stressful for me recently, so I try to do what I can to keep myself sane. Most of the time, I go eat. sometimes, it’ shopping (only sometimes, because you know the damage it means to my savings). And on rare occasions, I go on adventures. This was one of my first out-of-town adventure.

My partner-in-crime and I decide to go to Clark, Pampanga for the 17th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival. We took a bus in the wee hours of the morning just to make it in time before the hot air balloons go flying off to god-knows-where (honestly, I have no idea how they drive those things :))

Cars Philippine Hot Air Balloon
I’m glad these pretty shoes brought me here

 Spectator Hot Air Balloon Festival

This kid was with us in the front row. Looking so intently as the people started setting up the balloons

The entrance fee to the event costs 200pesos. The beauty of it is that your 200 pesos goes a long way, as it also helps support the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiest (PIHABF) Foundation.

We were early, so we got the best seats in the house (just kidding, no seats) Front row, just behind the barricade. How I wish I got a media pass, though, so I could have gotten nearer and better photos.

So many people came to see this year’s show!

Just seeing the balloon blow up to their full size was spectacular. It was so breathtaking, everyone cheered for every new balloon that would come to life.

One of the late “blowers”, with a relatively smaller balloon. From this..
To this! Everyone loved the Panda Balloon

It was amazing to find out that there is so much more to the Hot Air Balloon Festival than hot air balloons (what??) The Clark Air Base had so much space for kite flying and for a lot of fun stalls and displays. Events people should look into having events here at Clark more often, if the budget permits. :)

Afterwards, we were feeling a little adventurous and headed to Tree Top Adventure to try out their rides.

They had a number of rides like the Canopy Ride, Freefall, Tree-Drop Adventure, and the Superman ride. We wanted something memorable and something fun, so we decided to go for the Superman Ride. That is not to say that the other rides were less fun. It just seemed to us that the Superman was the most exciting of them all.

We only chose one ride, but the Tree Top Adventure offers ride packages with choices of three to four rides for less cost. If we had more time to spare, we’d have gone on all rides for the ultimate adventure.

Money shot. The photographers know their thing. Sadly, they don’t sell the soft copy (which would have been a million times better in quality than this scanned photo). They could actually make a profit out of selling the soft copy, because a lot of people would rather have that than buy prints.

Tree Top adventure also had a small Milk Tea stall called Nai Cha. Very typical name, and it’s a really small stall. But for the price of sixty pesos, you get a milk tea with a quality that’s even better than some milk tea places here in Manila! It’s really good, so don’t miss out on trying it!

After lunch, next stop was Zoobic Safari.

Zoobic Safari is a great place to go to in Subic if you’re into animals and nature. You get to feed the lovebirds for ten pesos (to cover the bird feed cost). We also got to see the humungous tigers as close as one feet away. Of course, it’s always with bars in between. Zoobic Safari tickets costs around 450php for adults and 350php for kids. You can reserve your Zoobic Safari Tickets over at the Ticketworld Website

It was a well-deserved R&R for me. I felt like I needed it, more than anything. I just wanted to get out of Manila and do something different, something unconventional, something I won’t get to do when most days of my week are spent in the hospital. I’m glad I took this trip, and I’d love to go back next year for the Hot Air Balloon Festival again :) – ED

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