Angel’s Pizza Delivers the Freshest Pizza Flavors in Town

With over thirty outlets, nine full stores, and twenty-six slice booths, Angel’s Pizza has become a go-to for pizza-on-the-go.

Angel’s Pizza has been consistently coming up with great flavors, most timely and timeless flavors you’ll never get tired of. Here are some must-try flavors from Angel’s Pizza:

Angel’s Pizza – Cheesy Melt
Angel’s Pizza – Cheesy Melt

Cheesy Melt packs in a lot of punch with mozarella and cheddar cheese both bringing in the cheesiest from any of their pizza offerings. Stuff in pepperoni in between two thin crusts full of cheese awesomeness and you have a really irresistible pizza for cheese lovers. This pizza though, is not for the dieting person, so forget diet and indulge!

Angel’s Pizza Angel’s Style

Angel’s Pizza Angel’s Style is wonderfully delicious with mushrooms, onions, mozarella cheese and barbecue chunks with barbecue sauce. This is personally one of my favorites because the barbecue sauce brings out the sweet flavor from the pizza. The barbecue chunks are a treat, too!

Angel’s Pizza Extra Feast

One of the classic pizzas, Angel’s Pizza Extra Feast brings together pepperoni, ham, beef, and chorizo, all in one pizza. Embellished with green pepper, onion, mushroom, and mozarella cheese, this is definitely a feast for the meat-lovers. Some of us bloggies tasted the spicy flavor from this pizza because of the chorizo. I like the tinge of spicy flavor, though. :)

Angel’s Pizza Alici Thin Crust vs. Thick Crust

Angel’s Pizza’s newest offering in time for the Lenten Season is the Alici Pizza, with real anchovies instead of meat. Black olives, tomato, and mozarella cheese makes this a truly tasty treat as well. It comes in two varieties: the Angel’s Pizza Alici in Thin Crust and Angel’s Pizza Alici in Thick Crust.


Some of the bloggies found this pizza a little too salty, because of the anchovies. Personally, I loved the saltiness, but this pizza is not the kind you can finish alone. The salty flavor gets to you after a few slices. Some bloggies preferred the thick crust pizza because according to them, it “balances” out the salty flavor of the anchovies. Contrary to popular opinion., I loved the thick crust better because the flavor of the anchovies is so raw and unmasked by the crust. This is definitely a pizza to try this season.

Angel’s Pizza Brownie

We ended dinner with a brownie, filled with chocolate fudge which definitely satisfied my sweet tooth :D

Truth be told, I had this perception before of Angel’s Pizza as a low-budget, cheap pizza, which made me steer away from ordering pizzas from them. I’m glad I was proved wrong. I loved how they are consistently coming up with flavors that tickle the tastebuds, most, if not all, to my palate’s liking. I love how it’s fast and affordable and relatively cheaper than other pizza joints. And I love that I’ll be ordering some more from them in the future :) – ED

To order from Angel’s Pizza, call their Delivery Number 922-2222. It’s Free Delivery! :) You can also check out more of their menu offerings on their website:
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  • Issa  says:

    their pizzas looks yummy!

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