Snapshots of Baguio, Philippines – 12/25/2011-12/27


Spent the holidays over at Baguio. Brrr~ It was so cold in Baguio, I’m guessing it was around 17 degrees celsius. Me being the cold intolerant person that I am, I had to wear four layers of clothing just to stop shivering.

Hours were spent digging through ukay (thrift) shops, and not a lot was bought. I was wrong, the cheap ukays were not in Baguio. It could very well be just around Metro Manila, which is more convenient to go to. Well, we didn’t only go to Baguio for the ukay. WE went for the strawberries, and the rowing at Burnham Park, as well as to see the Mines View Park, and enjoy Spicy Bulalo at roadside. We went to Baguio to enjoy the view, and to enjoy coffee every hour just because it’s cold and the many layers of clothing aren’t helping anymore.

Baguio is awesome. I hope I get the chance to visit Baguio soon, and hope you guys will get to visit Baguio on February 12-13 for the Penagbenga Flower Festival :)

Til next time! – ED

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