Craving for Barbecue? Try ORA Korean BBQ in Malvar

We recently discovered a Korean BBQ place along Malvar St., in Ermita called O-RA or ORA. It was relatively new, because during that time, they still had balloons all over the place, kind of like they just finished with their grand opening a few days ago and did not bother to clear up the balloons yet.

What drew us to try the place out was the opening discount lol. I’m not really a big fan of Korean food, but I haven’t eaten anything Korean in a while, and the 20% discount ended our ambivalence.

The staff attended to us with zeal, mainly because we’re the only customers in the place. :( We noticed that they have more staff than needed for a small barbecue place.

We ordered a cup of rice and Deji Yangnyum Gui, which is basically just pork. Of course, we have no idea what is on the menu, when everything is in Korean and with only photos giving us a hint of what tastes good. It’s a great help that the staff were very helpful to explain to us what the dishes were, and we were able to choose what we wanted. A cup of rice cost us fifty pesos! Expensive for a cup, but my boyfriend and I shared a cup of rice in our sad attempt to try and cut down on our carb intake.

The grill is fixed in the middle of the table, where there’s a compartment for the burning coal to be placed. The metal grill is placed some inches above the burning coal, and we wait until it’s hot enough to cook our pork. The staff did all the initial grilling, and left us to choose how long we’d like our pork on the grill.

Kimchi and soup were served as well. The pork tasted really good in spicy vinegar.

All in all, the food we ate cost us 300 pesos, 250 pesos for the Pork, and 50 for the cup of rice. We just settled for water because we wanted to drink tea afterwards at Robinsons Place Manila, which was just one block away from the place. Minus the discount, we paid 240 pesos for the meal.

The food was good, the place was clean, the staff were very accommodating.. It just saddens me so much to see this place empty. Most probably because the target customers of the place are the Koreans frequenting the Malate-Ermita area, but have not been as successful as some other Korean BBQ joints in the area because of its location. It’s not difficult to find, just that Malvar St. is hardly frequented by the Korean crowd.

I’m giving the place a few more months before I think it would decide to go out of business because of the unprofitable location. Just before that happens, and before the 20% discount offer is over, go visit ORA at Malvar St. and enjoy their delicious Korean barbecue. It’s walking distance from Robinsons Place Manila, just at the corner of Maria Orosa St. and Malvar St.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I don’t really fancy Korean cuisine. But this one tastes good, Korean or not. And I’m definitely coming back for more. :)

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