ALAMAT 2011: Theater Magic

When they were inviting people over to watch a theater play last Thursday, January 19 at the University of Makati, I immediately grabbed the opportunity, despite knowing next to nothing about theater. The last time I stepped into a theater to watch a play was in fourth grade, and my last attempt to act in a theater play was still further along the timeline. I guess I was looking for something different :)

Getting to the venue was commuting hell. The LRT had so many passengers that I had to wait for the next train, an the jeep ride from MRT Guadalupe station to U-Mak had this really long line of passengers. I was just so glad to get there minutes before the show started, and equally glad Japhet of who invited us to watch had reserved seats for us. Thank you, Japhet <3 Here are some photos from that day


The play was so good, it was beyond expectations. Everything, from the costume, makeup, music, set, as in absolutely everything was produced by the crew. There were scenes that were hilarious, and scenes that would move you to tears. Besides that, the story was good, too. At first I was weirded out by the folk-ish feel, but when it was later related to the modern world, I found myself being able to relate to the story.

Of course, I am still in love with the makeup and costumes. Everything was just so well detailed and beautifully done. I wanted to tell them right then and there, “TAKE ME AS AN APPRENTICE!”

I don’t think these people make a lot from theater. So when they act with all they have, you know that this is what they really want to do. I’m really happy I got to witness such a great act and a group of passionate, talented people.

This experience was definitely refreshing and fun, a change from the usual movie dates or series marathon. Everyone should try watching theater shows once in a while. It’s equally entertaining, yet feels so much more fun as you witness the raw talent in front of you. No cuts, no edits, no cheats.

If you plan on seeing theater performances, watch out for any of AGHAM’s future performances. You won’t regret any moment of it.

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Til next time! – ED

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