Interested in learning a new Asian language next year? UP’s Extramural Classes might be for you.

I’ve always put off learning a new language for the longest time, because I don’t find the need to. I’m living comfortably in a largely English-speaking country, and have no plans to travel anywhere outside the country in the near future. But now, plans have changed. I’m looking into travelling a lot next year, doesn’t matter if outside the country or locally. There is so much out there waiting to be explored. :)

One of the countries I’ve been looking forward to go to since I was five (yeah, I’m such a jap-fag) is Japan. I have always loved the culture and the food, and have always appreciated the quirkiness of the Japanese mind. And all those years of watching anime and imitating anime characters (cosplay, anyone?), I’m still a long way from being confident with my Nihongo. I tried self-studying, but I guess lacked the proper guidance and motivation. I’m going to be serious now, because I’m looking into getting a Fashion scholarship in Japan, the home of Vivi and so much more.

So, for anyone else who’s interested in learning Japanese, or other Asian languages like Chinese (Mandarin), Thai (Bahasa), and Korean, the University of the Philippines Department of Linguistics are having their Extramural Classes again next year starting January 21 upto March 24, 2012. Classes are held once a week every Saturday, for ten sessions at three hours each. Registration for the classes is 3,500 pesos, including the materials.

Limited slots only, so hurry! :)

For more information, head over to UP Department of Linguistics Extramural Asian Classes Website

I personally believe that no knowledge ever gained is ever wasted. You may not need it now, or immediately after learning the language, but it will definitely come in handy some day. You never know when. But an additional language on your resume skills’ page can really impress your future employers, and open more doors for your professional growth.

See you in class!

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