Book / Movie : Confessions of a Shopaholic

If I’ve never told you guys, I *personally* believe that Confessions of a Shopaholic translates into writing the story of my life :)) I mean, I have serious shopping problems, okay? Reading this book helped me gain insight about my lifestyle vis a vis the shopaholic lifestyle:

1. Shopaholics tend to justify their expenses. When you see this beautiful pair of cream-colored shoes, and you know you just have to have it because that little voice in your head is telling you:

a.”It’s on sale!! At 30% off, you’ll never find a sweet deal like this again!”
b. “It goes well with your pastel-colored dresses.”
c. “Oh, you’ve been working too hard recently. It’s time to reward yourself with the money you’re earning!”
d. All of the above

If you confess to have had any of these discussions with yourself at some point, or for some, too frequently, then you might be on your way to diagnosis.

2. Shopaholics tend to deny their shopping problem.
3. When they finally come face to face with their bills, they easily forget when they actually paid for certain items. “Wait, what item? I’ve never bought this before!!” Only to find out that they did purchase said items, only, it was easily forgotten with the number of other things bought and remembered.
4. Shopaholics tend to end up with more than what they need. Try cleaning your room on one of your free days. Recently, I had to clean my room and found that I have too many underwear, too many dresses, too many pairs of shoes, but find that I’ve never felt they will ever be enough. But I’m quickly running out on space!

So you see how I could easily relate to the book. I read the first three books of the five that comprise the series, and I just cringe at how it reflects my spending habits :))

I loved the books. It’s shallow, and really a light-read for anyone who’s not looking for anything too serious. I wanted to see as well if the movie would do it justice.

At first, when I’ve heard that the plot of the movie would be set in New York, I couldn’t believe how it would stray from the British setting in the book! I was expecting that the characters would be British, and Luke Brandon would be black (for some reason, that was how I imagined him in my head while reading the books). I wanted to keep away from watching the movie, because I might end up disappointed and wishing I did not watch the movie at all.

Earlier today, I couldn’t resist not watching it. It seemed to be the most interesting movie on my hard drive at the moment, and I watched it. Guess what? I LOVED THE MOVIE. This is one time I’m going to say I’ve loved the movie adaptation more than I loved the book. It did the series justice, and did not skip out on crucial parts. They tweaked a lot of parts from the book, but it fit oh so well in the movie, and it was great. :)

 And Hugh Dancy, who played Luke Brandon in the movie, was just so gorgeous. <3 Let me, ehem, take this opportunity to educate you on the fine male specimen that is Hugh Dancy.
I love his green eyes *____*

Such a fine Brit <3

I especially love it when his hair is all messed up! <3
So you know, dear friends, I realized (and hope that most of your who read or watched the movie did as well) the moral of the story is to fall in love with your handsome boss and live happily ever after 
1) to not let material things control your life;
2) manage your expenses well; and last, but most certainly not the least, 
3) do not settle for anything, until you find that one thing that you want to do the most.
I hope that, like Becky, we all find that one thing we want to do, more than anything else in the world, and have the courage to do it. :) – ED

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