America’s Next Top Model All Stars Cycle 17 Finale

ANTM Cycle 17 Portfolio Battle

Three more days before the finale of Cycle 17 of America’s Next Top Model All Stars, and it’s still anyone’s game at this point.

Final Three: Allison Harvard, Angelea Preston, Lisa D’Amato

If you go browse the fan pages of the show, you’ll see that most of the show’s fans are rooting for Allison Harvard. She has definitely become the crowd favorite. I mean, why wouldn’t she be? She photographs so well, and she really performs. I didn’t expect her to excel in the music video challenge, but she still owned it. I personally feel that if she doesn’t win this cycle, the show will flop.

Her weaknesses:
1. Her meek and timid personality – This almost got her booted out of the competition when Tyson Beckford brought this up at panel. Grr Tyson Beckford Y U NO understand Allison??

2. Her vampire vision – Sure, everyone loves her for her gorgeous set of peepers, BUT! It has its limitations. It can’t tolerate modelling under the sun. This would be very difficult for Allison, especially if they’re modelling in Greece.

3. Her runway walk – She has this awkward way of walking, which might not win the favor of the judges. I hope she works on this and own the runway as well!

Then there’s Angelea Preston, whose ace is her life story, which features the many challenges and struggles had to go through. A role model in her own right to many girls who are struggling with life’s hardships, she is Tyra’s favorite among the three.

Her weaknesses:
1. She photographs poorly – She’s almost always in the bottom two, and has only recently won a challenge (the blogging challenge for Vogue.IT) Among the three, she has the weakest portfolio.

2.She’s like a time bomb waiting to explode – Angelea is one of the most emotional people in the cycle. She can hardly contain her feelings.

3. She takes constructive criticisms from her peers very poorly – During the episode where the contestants were asked to judge each other, ex-contestant Dominique pointed out that Angelea seems to be the weakest among the group. This caused Angelea to rage and storm off, and think that everyone is ganging up on her. She should have used this to her advantage and worked on what the other girls felt was her weaknesses, instead of taking it personally.

Last but not the least is Lisa D’Amato, who has taken a very competitive and aggressive stance in this competition. She models well, sings well, walks the runway well. she can do everything well! Most importantly, she is confident in her skills. She’s really in the competition to win it!

Her weaknesses:

1) She has too much energy – Too much energy that is not being directed and used well in her shoots and challenges.

2) Not a lot of people love her – From Cycle 5, she’s been branded as weird (in a bad way), and has not gained a lot of fans, as compared to Allison

And then, unexpected drama: There is one contestant who will be disqualified! This has never happened before in the history of ANTM. Who will be disqualified and for what reason? We’ll soon find out!

Watch the ANTM All Stars Cycle 17 Preview

Who’s your bet? Who will be the next America’s Next Top Model?

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