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REVLON Christmas Buys at 200 Pesos OFF!

I recently went to a visit to Watsons to grab a bottle of my HG foundation — Revlon Colorstay in Sand Beige, and found that they were having a promo.

The best part is that my favorite foundation just got an upgrade. From long lasting wear that lasts for 16 hours, the new formulation promises to stay for as much as 24 hours! Like seriously, who stays up for 24 hours and would need makeup? You never know, though :)

The promo slashes of 200 pesos from your total when you buy at least two REVL...

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Bloggers United Pop-Up Mini Bazaar 12/23/2011

It’s some three days left before Christmas, but on the other end of the Philippines so many families would not get the chance to properly celebrate this season due to the devastation brought by Typhoon Sendong to the provinces of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. It is an unfortunate event for many Filipinos. At this time of need, I find it very inspiring that individuals choose to sacrifice and help.

Our favorite bloggers from Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair, together with MoonLeaf Tea...

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Interested in learning a new Asian language next year? UP’s Extramural Classes might be for you.

I’ve always put off learning a new language for the longest time, because I don’t find the need to. I’m living comfortably in a largely English-speaking country, and have no plans to travel anywhere outside the country in the near future. But now, plans have changed. I’m looking into travelling a lot next year, doesn’t matter if outside the country or locally. There is so much out there waiting to be explored. :)

One of the countries I’ve been looking forward to go to since I was five (yeah, I’m...

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Carlos Celdran changed the way I looked at Manila

Last Tuesday, 12/6/2011, I invited my friend, Justine, to go with me to one of Carlos Celdran’s Walking Tours. It was a barter tour, so we get to pay him however we wish. I couldn’t miss the chance to go on one of his tours, despite not knowing at all what to expect.

The venue was Fort Santiago (which prior to the tour, I had no idea where it was located. Seriously, this historical place should be included at least once in high school fieldtrips)...

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America’s Next Top Model All Stars Cycle 17 Finale

ANTM Cycle 17 Portfolio Battle

Three more days before the finale of Cycle 17 of America’s Next Top Model All Stars, and it’s still anyone’s game at this point.

Final Three: Allison Harvard, Angelea Preston, Lisa D’Amato

If you go browse the fan pages of the show, you’ll see that most of the show’s fans are rooting for Allison Harvard. She has definitely become the crowd favorite. I mean, why wouldn’t she be? She photographs so well, and she really performs...

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Book / Movie : Confessions of a Shopaholic

If I’ve never told you guys, I *personally* believe that Confessions of a Shopaholic translates into writing the story of my life :)) I mean, I have serious shopping problems, okay? Reading this book helped me gain insight about my lifestyle vis a vis the shopaholic lifestyle:

1. Shopaholics tend to justify their expenses. When you see this beautiful pair of cream-colored shoes, and you know you just have to have it because that little voice in your head is telling you:


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Christmas in the Philippines : Ayala Triangle Garden Symphony of Lights 2011

Went to Makati yesterday to witness an awesome display of lights at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

There were so many people who came to watch! The Ayala Triangle Gardens has become a tourist go-to. Everyone had their cameras, cam phones, and even iPads out just to capture this magnificent scene. It was magical.

Kudos to the government of Makati City for allowing everyone, young and old, Filipinos and foreigners alike, to enjoy Christmas like this...

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