The week that was – 11/11/11 onwards

You know how there was this whole hype about 11/11/11 and how it would come once in a lifetime? Yeah, we jumped in the bandwagon and decided to make it special for us, too. We planned to go to the Banchetto Wish Lanterns event but did not push through with the plan because we knew there would be lots of people and traffic would be terrible. Good foresight, as it turns out that the Banchetto event did not materialize for safety concerns.

So this is my week’s Happy List. I realized that there really is a lot to be grateful for. I may not be in the place I would love to be in right now, but I’m getting there. It’s a long journey, but I’m making the trip worthwhile.

1. GLOIRE Product Launch

I went as a contributor of Orange Magazine TV to the product dedication of GLOIRE Paris, the new brainchild of the creators of Met Tathione. It looks very promising, so do watch out for their product launching some time next year! Will write about this event some time soon

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Random snapshot outside Rustans Gateway

2. 11/11/11 – Nothing better than waiting for the clock to strike 11:11PM with the person you’d want to spend 12/12/12 with and if ever there’s a 13/13/13 and 14/14/14. Cozy and happy at Starbucks, JP Laurel

3. One Hyundai Club Bloggers Lunch

It was so fun to meet all these cool bloggers. Sa totoo lang, every time someone from the group asked me how long I’ve been blogging, I would sheepishly say “I just started some six months ago”, which is true! Thing is, all these bloggers have been blogging for, say the shortest would be a year, and I felt so undeserving, yet happy and grateful, to be invited with them to this event.

I also met Daphne Benosa from . We came in matching florals (and we didn’t talk about it, I swear :)) She was so pretty. Go check out her blog now!

5. ANTM Cycle 17 All Stars Overload

I marathoned all the past episodes of the newest ANTM Cycle, Cycle 17 in three days. When I first watched it, I was rooting for a lot of girls, who were my favorites in the past cycles: Allison Harvard, Sheena Sakai, and Kayla Ferrel. And now, with only five girls remaining, I’m rooting for Allison. Laura Kirkpatrick seems to be her biggest competition in the bunch, though as she takes great photos, and her personality is just so lovable.

6. Essay Writing Contest Win
I don’t really have any photos of this, but I won the Essay Writing Contest in our Department, which is kinda cool, but is now being a reason to abuse me to make writeups for the department when no one else would. Lol. But blogging has made me more comfortable with writing. I remember back in High school when I would despair over every article assigned to me for the school newspaper. I hated writing. I couldn’t express what I wanted to say clearly, and I’d always have my dad write my articles for me. Now, I can say that I’ve grown more comfortable with writing, but I still have a long way to go. I’m enjoying it because I’m writing about the things I love doing :)

7. Carrot Pants
My mom’s design for our soon-to-be-launched shop. Of course, I’m still thinking of a more catchy name. Here’s a sneak peek:

Isn’t it so chic? We’re still working on taking photos of these pants for posting on our shop, but still kinda busy with some more designs.

That’s about it. Looking forward to more exciting stuff this week :D

How about your week? Anything fun happening lately?

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