Review: Geo Mimi Cafe Waffle Contact Lens

Here’s another treat from Geo: The Mimi Cafe Series. The patterns of the lens from this series are inspired and named after cafe food: Cappuccino, Waffle, and Macchiato.

Lens Usage: Up to 1 year
Shelf Life: 3 years
Origin : Korea
B.C.: 8.7mm
Diameter : 15.00mm
Water Content: 42%
Available with Grades: Yes. Plano~ – 5.00 (~0.25 Step) and 5.00-10.00 (~0.50 Step)

Comfort: 3/5. I can’t shake off that annoying feeling that I feel the lens in my eye, and it’s really there, as opposed to some of my lenses that I get to wear and can just forget that I’m wearing one. This feels heavier than others. Yet, it’s not drying to wear, which is a real big plus.

Geo Mimi Cafe Waffle with flash
Geo Mimi CafeWaffle without flash

Design: 3/5 It looks a little too creepy at times and comes off as a regular black dolly eye lens. I was hoping for something more grey, but it’s really just black.This must be because of the thick black rim of the lens, and the grey color’s a little too weak that it might not show in people with dark brown eyes.

Price/ Availability: This costs about 350 pesos or about $8 usd from Shopgirl. Very affordable, and available with grades, too!

Will I repurchase? I was hoping for a more vibrant grey for this one, but it just doesn’t show the way I would have loved it to. I’m going to take my money and buy another new lens so that I could find my perfect gray lens.

Some pics when worn:

How about you guys? Would you try this lens?

Until next review! xoxo – ED

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