Latest Discovery: Angry Little Girls

Angry Little Girls was created by Lela Lee back in 2005. The main character, Kim, is known as the Angry Little Asian Girl. Other characters of the comic includes Disenchanted Little Princess, Devorah; Gloomy Little Girl, Xyla; Fresh Little Soul Sistah; Crazy Latina; and Bruce, Kim’s on and off boyfriend who is the eternal subject of Kim’s torture, among other characters. Get to know more about the comics from the Angry Little Girls website .

Kim – Angry Little Asian Girl

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Funny that I’m sharing this comic with you guys because I see myself so much in Kim. It was amusing to know that there’s already been a comic made that reflects my personality. The first time I saw this, I realized, “I am so like Kim.” and spent hours reading all the web comics until I wanted to get the books. I realized that I have coped quite maladaptively to life, and have become an angry little girl myself. While the comics provide amusement to its readers, to me it provides a realization of sorts.

I didn’t use to be such an agry little girl myself. I would always attribute my meanness and difficult behavior to the difficulties I had to hurdle and still getting through upto now. I guess, I’m wrong.

“People don’t change, they just become more of what they really are.”

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