How to Dry Up Pimples and Remove Acne Scars

Breakout Diaries Episode 2

I’ve been moving on with my life, and so have most of my pimples, thanks to this miracle product le boyfriend gave me. Meet my new hero:

Clearasil Stay Clear.Unfortunately for us pimple-ridden people here in the Philippines, we don’t have this locally. This can only be bought from the US, so if you have any relatives in that side of the world, beg them to send you one! It works great on me and dried out most of my pimples.

Now after the pimples have dried, I’m left with the problem of how to get rid of acne scars. As I’ve told you time and again, this wasn’t the first time I have dealt with a major breakout. About two years ago, I had a breakout just as bad as this one, and I was rendered helpless, until I found a good derma place: It was Nisce Skin and Face Clinic. This was recommended to me by one of my classmates back in college, who also dealt with the same problem, but after weeks of treatment, had bounced back from the dilemma. His skin was so clear, and it’s as if it was stretched taut. When I saw how he looked like after the treatment, I knew I had to undergo treatment as well.

More than the facial services Nisce provided, I think that the magic was in their products. Here’s two of the three that I used back then, and am currently using now:

Nisce’s Clarifying Lotion and Peel White Lotion, applied one after the other before sleep :) It costs 180 pesos per bottle, which will last you about one to one and a half months. Now, the great thing about this product is that it will peel the dead skin cells, especially the scarred ones, making way for the newer and better skin cells to resurface. The thing I don’t like about the product is that it will cause major peeling, very noticeable especially when you put on powder, as the powder will collect on the peeling-off skin. It will also make your face a bit pinkish to red. You definitely have to weigh its use. Which shall you choose: the acne scars or the temporary peeling? Of course, there are other options to remove acne scars (glycolic peeling, diamond peels, Flawless Power Peel, among many others) but this one is one of the most effective and cheapest for me. It has worked well for me in the past, that after four weeks of use, my skin looks better, more radiant, and of course, the acne scars have lightened.

Another disadvantage is that you absolutely have to avoid sun exposure during the use of this product.

This product is available in  all Nisce branches nationwide. However, they really run out of stocks quite often, which annoys me a lot. It takes them about 2 weeks to restock because they still get their products from La Union, where Dra Edna Nisce is having her clinic and where she formulates these products. If you call them to inquire if the products are available before heading to any of their branches to buy the products, it might save you a lot of time and money, as stocks tend to run out really fast.

How about you? What products are you using to get rid of pimple scars? Let me know by commenting below! I would love to hear from you :)

36 comments to How to Dry Up Pimples and Remove Acne Scars

  • kim  says:

    Hi! I’m also a user of that 2 product which is Nisce’s Clarifying Lotion and Peel White Lotion before but now the doctor recommended me to use only the Nisce’s Peel White Lotion . How long are you using that product ? I am just conscious if I will stop using it because my face is better now. I hope for your reply . :) thanks ..

    • dollhana  says:

      I’m using it until my acne scars disappear. But for you, I’d recommend that if you’re pimples have dried up already and it didn’t leave scars, stop using the product na. Your face has to rest from all the harsh chemicals that we’re subjecting it on. :)

    • chino  says:

      according to a board certified dermatologist you should not go beyond 6 months in using topical medications containing hydroquinone (peel white) because prolonged use of hydroquinone might result to ochcronosis or hyperpigmentation of the skin especially to areas that are exposed to sunlight. hydroquinone is also linked to cancer development in mice but not yet proven to cause cancer in humans. just use it in moderation. use it for 2 months and discontinue for 1 month. if necessary use it only in areas that needs improvement (dark spots)

  • Pamela  says:

    Hi! Same here. I realy have a breakout since college. But someone recommended me to consult it with Dr. Nisce in Vigan City. She recommended me to use Acne Guard everyday, Clarifying Lotion and Restorative Cream before bed. She said, I must avoid using powder and avoid sun exposure. It really works, they said my skin was lighten. I recommend it guys!

  • Christian  says:

    I use clindamycin phosphate plus tretinoin as my astringent no. 2 (ORO DERM), Illuminax for face wash, Kligmans cream for acne scar. Benzac for zits. I tried nisce Peel white cream and it compliments my sensitive skin. no , all I can say is that it works.

    • dollhana  says:

      Glad to know that it works for you, Chris!

  • Lem  says:

    Normal lang ba namumula at makati ang face pag na apply na yung clarifying lotion?

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Lem. Yup! It’s because your skin’s drying up and will soon undergo peeling. However, if any allergic reaction to the lotion persists, discontinue use and consult with Nisce’s dermatologists :)

      • Lem  says:

        Ano pu yung mga signs ng allergic reaction ?

        • dollhana  says:

          Excessive redness, itchiness, discomfort, rashes, and other signs of inflammation can tell you if you’re developing an allergic reaction to a product :)

          • Vanessa  says:

            Hello im using nisce product nagpafacial po ako I have skin problem din then nirecomend skn for maintenance use whitening soap, clarifying lotion, perfect radiance 7in1 and vitamin e cream with spf 30 I think 1month ko na xa nAgamit pero napansin ko nagkaron ako ng maraming maliliit na tumutubo sa face ko normal lng ba un dhl sa ginagamit ko? Matagal ko na problem pimples sa muka ko since before ako nagpafacial sa Nisce nag woworied po ako kung effective nga skn ginagamit ko pls help me for ur advice and comment

          • dollhana  says:

            Hi Vanessa. I can’t give you advice on this, since reaction to skincare products vary from person to person. However, I would recommend that you have a dermatologist take a look at your skin and see if its a reaction to the Nisce products that you’re using, or something else. Let me know how else I can help!

  • say  says:

    magkano po pacheck up sa nisce skin and face clinic? gusto ko po sana mag visit sa clinic nyo at mag avail nung clarifying lotion.. nagkaroon po kasi ako ng maliliit na pimples nung pumasok yung month of march.. huhu! tapos para syang maliliit na bigas, i tried home remedies like putting calamansi juice on my face and leave it for about 30mins. to 1 hour then i put celeteque moisturizer.. 4 days na po akong gumagamit nung celeteque and almost 2weeks sa calamansi.. i need your advice po.. thanks po.

    • chino  says:

      never use calamansi cause it contains citric acid that would irritate the skin. you don’t have to use a moisturizer cause you said it yourself that you have pimples, pimple prone skin has an oily type of skin and applying moisturizer would further cause clogged pores if your going to use a moisturizer use moisturizers that are dermafromulated. Go to nisce and purchase this products as your acne regimen. Acne Guard or Bactigard (facial wash soap), Claryfying lotion, Peel White Lotion, Clindamycin, Moisturizing Oatmeal Lotion.

  • ..april  says:

    ano po ung mas mabilis na pantanggal ng acne scars ?

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi April! I would recommend trying out peeling treatments. One of the most recommended is House of Obagi’s Blue Peel Facial, but it might be a little pricey. However, make sure to check with your derma to find out which peel is best (and safest!) for your skin type.

    • chino  says:

      nisce has a line of cream that is suitable for skin type or skin problems, since you’ve mentioned your suffering from acne scars you can use the Nisce Fade Out Cream which cost around 430php for 10 grams if im not mistaken this is like synonymous to Kligmans II or Flawless Cream which other dermatologist are selling in their clinics to help diminish post inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by acne.

  • Toni  says:

    Hello po, Ano po yung pinaka okay pong pantagal ng pimples? And Scars? Yung mejo mabilis po mawala. Kasi po nawawalan na din po ako ng selfconfidence dahil sa pimples po. Nakakahiya kasi. Please help me naman po. Please.

    • chino  says:

      ok here is my advice: do not over wash your face. wash it only 2 times daily (evening and night) Over washing of face could cause the pilosebaceous glands to secrete more oil that would further clog the skin and cause breakouts. Avoid dairy products like cheese and milk (high glycemic index) it could aggravate acne. If you would go to a dermatologist they would always recommend tretinoin plus clindamycin. that’s fine but remember that one of the characteristic’s of a bacteria is it has the ability to resist antibiotics so prolonged use of clindamycin will cause resistance of P. Acne bacteria. You could try this combination it will work believe me. Eskinol White 220ml(no grain) and instead of using your usual clindamycin (clindal / dalacin c)use Cefuroxime Axetil (Zegen) 500mg. if you have severe acne use 2 capsules of Cefuroxime Axetil. total 0f 1000mg. Incorporate that to Eskinol and use that as your facial astringent prior to bedtime. if you will read the drug literature of Cefuroxime Axetil it is effective in treating skin infections it is a broad spectrum antibiotic so chances of resistance is minimal. and use products that says in the label “NON-COMEDOGENIC / NON-ACNEGENIC meaning it would not clogged the pores example is Cetaphil.

  • bin  says:

    i have used this for several years since highschool so most likely 6 years? i had severe acne and always being told that i look like i washed with bleach cause i get blood red all the time. i have scars now but looking back at how my acne was before i think my scars will get worse if i havent consulted with her. anyway i stopped using it and just used safeguard and my skin looks neutral and normal from before but with scars of course. i dont think dra.nisce has a proper knowledge in dealing with scars she actually treats patients as consumers she doesnt really care in getting deeper into the problem and clearing your problem for good

    • dollhana  says:

      Sorry to hear about your experience, Bin. I haven’t been to Nisce in years, so the quality of the service must have changed over time. Sad to hear about this. Let us know if you find any clinic that you would highly recommend! :)

  • roan orfano  says:

    Hi!i how long you’ve been using this clarifying and peel white.,coz I also used this prod.for almost, togethere with clindimycin. And on the 1st mnth.of using i’ve already seen the good result on my face.,my pimples are drying up and it lessens the pimple breakouts on my face.,then on the 2 1/2 face is glowing.,my pimple scars and dark spots seems lighten.,and most people notice that my face getting better.
    Not until my treatment is finished.,the nightmare that i am afraid of to happen is starting again.
    I was advice by dr.nisce to used this prod.for 3mnths.,but now that i am already finished with my 3 mnths.treatment my face are having breakouts again…
    I am planing to use this prod.again.,is it just ok to use this for more than 3 mnths.,will this not cause any problem.
    Hoping for ur reply.,tnx

  • roan orfano  says:

    Hping 4 your reply..,

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Roan, sorry for the late reply. I used this product for six months before switching to another brand, mainly because the products are always out of stock, and there wasn’t a clinic near my place back when I was still using this product. I would recommend laying off the products for a while and see if the breakout subsides. Sometimes, we’re just not “hiyang” to the products, so it’s better to stop and cut your losses instead of continuing to use the product when it’s clearly doing more harm than good. Good luck!

  • Val  says:

    Hello I was just wondering how do you use these products, I happened to forget what the lady told me.. Like the directions, which goes first? (The clarifying lotion or the peel white) and do you apply them all over your face or just on the scar itself? Thank you very very much! X

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Val! I used to apply this product all over my face so that the peeling and my skin tone would be even. I remember using clarifying before peel white first. When in doubt, go about it in alphabetical order ;)

  • Chester Sam Fontanilla  says:

    Hello! Someone told me that clindamycin and clarifying lotion of nisce is her regimen. If i include peel white to that regimen, how is the schedule of the regimen then? Is that also recommended to guys? Is it normal to have more breakouts when using it on the first two-three weeks? as you said it dries the pimples, well, also the skin, should i use moisturizer? and what cleanser should i use to compliment the products?

    I am looking forward for your reply dollhana and thank you for informing us those products :)

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Chester. I recommend applying the peel white and clarifying lotion alternately (tonight, use peel white, tomorrow clarifying lotion) but always with the clindamycin. Moisturizer would help you with the itchy and rubbery feeling you get from using the products. For the cleanser, I recommend getting one from Nisce, or a gentle and hypoallergenic cleanser like Physiogel or Cetaphil.

      As for the breakouts, skin reactions vary from person to person. You have to observe if its gradually working or not helping at all. Hope this helps!

  • Charmaine  says:

    I just started using nisce products yesterday. On morning i use acne guard and clindamycin and on evening acne guard then clarifying lotion and peel white lotion as directed by the secretary of Dr. Nisce. I hope this one will work for me.

  • leila gamboa  says:

    hi po, gumgmit aq ng clarifying lotion at peel white, super efective xa kc nwawala tlga ang blackheads at white heads q, tas super smooth p.. ang tanong q lng, bkit never p xang ng peel, as in hnd xa ng babalat?!

  • Rosy  says:

    Hi, 2013 start akong gumamit ng peel white at clarifying lotion then yung soap na glycu white. super effective naman po. hindi ako nagkakapimples at pinkish yung face ko.kahit hindi ako magmakeup blooming pa rin. Yun nga lang na stop ako gumamit nun june 2015 dahil buntis ako, bawal daw po kasi gumamit muna. nung buntis ako bigla naman ako nagkapimples hanggang sa ngayon na nanganak na. gusto ko sana gumamit ulet, kaya lang nagpapabreastfeed ako. safe po ba gumamit ng clarifying at feelwhite lotion? 😁😅

  • Cam  says:

    heloo.. Is it okay naclarifying lotion muna ang gamitin?? ung blue bottle? wait ko rply nyo. salmat. :)

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Cam. I am not familiar with the new clarifying lotion, but with the old clarifying lotion, I apply it first before applying peel white.


      • Ebs  says:

        Ask ko lang if ilang months gagamitin ung clarifying and peel white lotion. And after ng products n yan ano n kailangan imaintain n product? Para sure ng hindi n babalik mga acne and pimples.

    • Ebs  says:

      Ganun din… naiba lang ng packaging.. blue bottle n sya ngayon

  • Anony  says:

    Hi! I’m 15 turning 16 and i’ve been using nisce products about year, nakapagpaderma na rin po ako about 3 times. Nung first week, it was effective dahil nakikita ko po yung changes pero bigla pong bumalik yung pimples ko at mas dumami. Ano po bang pwedeng gawin?

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