3 Christmas Gift Ideas from Bazaars

Last weekend, we headed over to The Noel  Bazaar at World Trade Center for some serious shopping. The place was packed! I found three gift ideas that will definitely be a great gift to your friends and coworkers for this coming holiday season. These three products are inexpensive, good value for money, and 100% Pinoy made. Support Filipino products! :)

Dielle’s Apiary and Meadery Honey Wine

They say that moderate amounts of wine is good for the heart. Probably more so with honey! Their Honey Wine comes in four variants: Traditional, Mango (made from ripe mangoes), Bignay (made from wild berries), and Plum (made from Duhat). Definitely something new to bring to the Christmas table!

During the bazaar, their booth definitely stood out with it’s display of honey bees at the corner of the stall. IT was definitely interactive for the buyers and spectators alike to be observing these bees at work.

Know more about the Honey Wine from Dielle’s Apiary and Meadery from their Website:

Dielle’s Apiary and Meadery


This is one of our best buys from the bazaar. Towelite provides lightweight and compact towels for anyone and everyone! Best gifts for gym aficionados and sports buffs, these towels easily absorb sweat and dries just as easily. It comes in four sizes: Hand Towel (Small), Sports Towel (Medium), Bath Towel (Large) and Beach Towel (Extra Large). We bought the blue one in the photo shown above :)

Now for those of you guys who’d like to purchase this but has no time to frequent bazaars, you may check out their online Multiply Store to put an order.

Website: Towelite @ Multiply

Lambalites – Fruity Lambanog

Have you guys ever tried Lambanog? During the event, it was my first time to try Lambanog, and I found that it tasted great! I tried all of the fruity variants of Lambalites – Strawberry, Melon, Blackberry, and even Bubblegum! (which is not a fruit, my dear readers). Lambalites is a product of Dory’s Distillery, coming all the way from Candelaria, Quezon, yet reaching so many Pinoy tables around the world.

The alcohol content of Lambalites is about 22%. It can be diluted with an appropriate fruit juice in 1:1 dilution, or can be drank undiluted, hard. Of course their samplers were diluted, and we understand that they didn’t want the bazaar-goers to get drunk inside the premises. :)) They also had Christmas packaging for buyers who plan to give their Lambanog as Christmas gifts to family and friends.

We bought a Strawberry-flavored Lambanog for our Christmas Party! We loved the taste and we wanted to share it with our other friends.

For those interested to try Lambalites by Dory’s Distillery, you may reach them through the following contact numbers: (+042)5854561, (0917)9380344

Ever been to the bazaars lately? There are tons of them happening every weekend, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Share with me your cool finds!

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