10/31/2011 Sofitel Halloween Lunch

Quiet lunch over at Sofitel’s Spiral. Sadly, we didn’t anymore get the full value of our money, because of what Typhoon Pedring caused to Sofitel. They had to relocate the buffet area to the second floor, meaning a smaller space with limited food offerings. I remember having the Halloween buffet two years ago here at Spiral. It was awesome with so many food choices.

THIS. is Cream of Mushroom. Not the usual watered down soup I know.

Lobster nom nom

Somehow wishing Asian women were born with miracle genes as that of French Women

I only had one glass of champagne. Their ‘sweet’ is not my idea of sweet :))

Playing with DOF

What used to be the Spiral area

More pastry nom noms

So, where to next?

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