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3 Christmas Gift Ideas from Bazaars

Last weekend, we headed over to The Noel  Bazaar at World Trade Center for some serious shopping. The place was packed! I found three gift ideas that will definitely be a great gift to your friends and coworkers for this coming holiday season. These three products are inexpensive, good value for money, and 100% Pinoy made. Support Filipino products! :)

Dielle’s Apiary and Meadery Honey Wine

They say that moderate amounts of wine is good for the heart...

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Happiness in a box


Finally got myself a Canon 50mm f/1.8 :) I’ve always wanted to have one, and now, I’ve bought a second hand 50mm from I’m super happy to see my hard-earned money finally going into something I love doing :)

How about you? What have you bought recently that made you happy? :)

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Hydroquinone + Tretinoin Combo for Removing Acne Scars

Treatment Day 3

I would liken the use of Nisce’s Clarifying Lotion and Peel White Lotion to the effect of Obagi’s Peels. The effect of the Obagi Peels, from what I’ve read online, is that it lightens acne scars, even out skin tones, and brings out a more rosy complexion. It takes about 14 days before the peeling really goes away.

Now, for the Nisce Hydroquinone + Tretinoin Combo in the form of the Clarifying and Peel White Lotions, I would say that the effect is about the same...

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One Hyundai Club Life in Style Event Registration NOW OPEN!

Like One Hyundai Club on Facebook for updates on this Grand event

Blogged about what to expect from the event here, and I don’t really see any reason why you shouldn’t attend! It’s free, there will be so much fun , and best of all, freebies! :D So go click on the photo and register NOW!

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How to Dry Up Pimples and Remove Acne Scars

Breakout Diaries Episode 2

I’ve been moving on with my life, and so have most of my pimples, thanks to this miracle product le boyfriend gave me. Meet my new hero:

Clearasil Stay Clear.Unfortunately for us pimple-ridden people here in the Philippines, we don’t have this locally. This can only be bought from the US, so if you have any relatives in that side of the world, beg them to send you one! It works great on me and dried out most of my pimples.

Now after the pimples have dried, I’m left...

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The week that was – 11/11/11 onwards

You know how there was this whole hype about 11/11/11 and how it would come once in a lifetime? Yeah, we jumped in the bandwagon and decided to make it special for us, too. We planned to go to the Banchetto Wish Lanterns event but did not push through with the plan because we knew there would be lots of people and traffic would be terrible. Good foresight, as it turns out that the Banchetto event did not materialize for safety concerns.

So this is my week’s Happy List...

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Review: Geo Mimi Cafe Waffle Contact Lens

Here’s another treat from Geo: The Mimi Cafe Series. The patterns of the lens from this series are inspired and named after cafe food: Cappuccino, Waffle, and Macchiato.

Lens Usage: Up to 1 year
Shelf Life: 3 years
Origin : Korea
B.C.: 8.7mm
Diameter : 15.00mm
Water Content: 42%
Available with Grades: Yes. Plano~ – 5.00 (~0.25 Step) and 5.00-10.00 (~0.50 Step)

Comfort: 3/5...

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Live Life in Style: The One Hyundai Club Life in Style Grand Event – January 14, 2012

I’ve never thought I’d ever realize the importance of knowing how to drive and having your own car. I’ve always been lazy like that, as I’d prefer to be driven to where I need to go than driving myself. Well, that was until last Friday, when I was running terribly late for a product launch at 7pm all the way to Cubao, and I still haven’t gotten myself a taxi when it was already almost 6pm! Talk about Friday traffic blues...
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Latest Discovery: Angry Little Girls

Angry Little Girls was created by Lela Lee back in 2005. The main character, Kim, is known as the Angry Little Asian Girl. Other characters of the comic includes Disenchanted Little Princess, Devorah; Gloomy Little Girl, Xyla; Fresh Little Soul Sistah; Crazy Latina; and Bruce, Kim’s on and off boyfriend who is the eternal subject of Kim’s torture, among other characters. Get to know more about the comics from the Angry Little Girls website .

Kim – Angry Little Asi...
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Katy Perry Live in Manila! January 22, 2012

Katy Perry California Dreams Tour – January 22, 2012
Katy Perry Live in Manila!
Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Jan 22, 2012 08:00pm

Live in Manila!
“California Dreams Tour”

22 January 2012 Sunday 8:00PM
Mall Of Asia Concert Grounds

I’m so excited about my girl Katy Perry having her concert here in Manila as part of her California Dreams Tour...

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