The Breakout Diaries Episode 1

No, this is not a new drama series I’m hooked to. This is just a little something I use to refer to my recent life crisis.

While having pimples may not be bad for most people, I just can’t get over the fact that I can’t remember any period in my life when I was absolutely pimple-free. My recent breakout was triggered by a skin product which I found out two weeks later was incompatible with my skin type, hence, the battlefield on my face. I’m still not over it, because hey, I’m trying to blog about beauty and makeup, and how exactly do you propose I do that without taking photos of my face? Just post swatches of makeup on my arm? That just won’t do.

Some other factors came into play which helped the multitude of pimples to breed on my face. There was stress from work, and sleepless nights, and less intake of water. I used The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil on my pimples, but it did not exactly help kill them. Instead, it made it worse!

I tried reverting to my old regimen, which was
1. Let’s Face It 5% Benzoyl Peroxide
2. Let’s Face It Tretinoin Cream
3. Let’s Face It Glycolic Cream

but still, the pimples did not go away.

Somehow, my skin develops a tolerance to this product after some time of use, and I can’t find that permanent fix to pimples that will suit me. Still,despite the pimples, I continued using my Dr. Jart Black Label BB Cream when I go out. Later, I have come to realize that the Black Label might not be suitable for oily skin and could be causing my cystic acne / nodular acne aka those acne with pus that just doesn’t have a way out of your skin layers. This is my least favorite type of acne since it takes so long to disappear, even with the boost from the Hydrocortisone / steroid injection your friendly dermatologist offers at a steep rate of 100 pesos per pimple.

This has been stressing me out. We know that stress –> pimples. And for me, pimples –> stress. It’s a rather vicious cycle, one which I’m trying to break. I thought that developing a hobby would be a stress reliever, but my only hobby at the moment is blogging, which I. CAN’T. DO. Not until these pimples go away.

Here’s my latest three-point plan for this insufferable dilemma:

1. Abstain from using products on my face. This might not exactly be agreeable to most of you, BUT, I’m just so confused which products to use. I hate buying some expensive product the all-knowing dermatologist would recommend (despite closer inspection of your skin and their expertise in the field) and yet not meet the expectation, or worse, make your pimples grow in numbers. Eek. It’s not like they would refund your money or anything when they make mistakes or when a certain product won’t work on your skin like it should. So I made a decision to go au naturale and just use the bare minimum, just Let’s Face It’s HypoLiquid Facial Wash. I’m trying to steer clear from makeup use too, and ditched BB cream as well.

2. Find a new hobby. I’m thinking of adopting a new pet which I can take care of or learn sewing, which is basically my dream. Why haven’t I pursued this earlier?? I’m hoping that it will relieve some stress from work. And I’m going to keep blogging. These little critters shouldn’t stop me from doing the things I love!

3. Live healthy. Sleep for at least six hours, drink plenty of water, don’t stress over zits, don’t touch my face. These are just some of the basics, which I keep on forgetting. I should put a sticky note on my wall to always remind me of these.

So my face has started to clear up a little, from ten pimples on my face you can play connect the dots with down to only two more obvious zits, and some acne scars, which I’ll deal with later.

I’m thinking of heading over to the VMV Hypoallergenics counter any time this week to consult about my skin, because I know I have uber sensitive skin, and that their skin care products just *might* do the trick.

This is for all of you dolls who’ve been waging war with pimples. Don’t let it get to you. Break the cycle and stop obsessing over something so small which could ruin so much bigger potential out there. There are many more important things in life than a spot that’s just about skin-deep. :) We’ll get there and win over this, eventually.

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