Saturday Breakfast at Flapjacks + Flapjacks Buy 1 Take 1 Treat

With the number of blog posts about food recently on this blog, I’m definitely considering changing my blog’s name to “Everyday Doll Food” LOL. I can’t help it! We love to eat. It’s a basic need to eat food, and at the same time, a guilty pleasure to indulge in good food. :)

Last Monday, we watched Horrible Bosses, and after buying our tickets, we were given two free stubs for Flapjacks Buy 1 Take 1 Treat.

You’re given a stub when you watch a movie at Robinsons Place Ermita.

We we’re supposed to have breakfast today over at Toast Box (kind of like our new Kopi Roti, because we dearly miss it), but decided to use this Flapjack stub before it expires.

When we got there, we realized that there were a lot of changes since we last visited Flapjacks Midtown. The menu included past blockbuster dishes, the food prices slightly increased, and the place had an overall new look.

We showed the attendant our stub, and inquired how we can redeem it. The attendant explained that you can choose any two dishes, and you only pay for one of those dishes, paying the price of whichever is valued higher. We were scanning the new menu, so we ordered coffee first. Wes ordered unlimited coffee. I’d like that too, but I break down when I’ve had too much coffee (true story), so, NO.

“No unlimited coffee for you.” BOO!

Then, FOOD.

I forgot what this is called, but it’s one of those dishes with sausages. It’s worth around 280php, but realized that it’s not worth the price, unless you really want some sausage for breakfast.

My Banana-Pecan pancakes, without the pecan nuts. I had it separated, because I don’t like nuts very much. 225php

Great breakfast, good food. Btw, we paid for the more expensive dish which was the one with the sausage. The unlimited coffee costs 95php, and Wes, I think (I wasn’t keeping count), had four cups of coffee. I loved their pancakes, and it’s worth the price. When you think about it, these pancakes look like it won’t satisfy your hunger, but believe me when I say that after one and a half pancakes, another bite feels so heavy already :))

It’s a great promo by Flapjacks, so I hope that you guys can still avail of the promo before it ends! -ED

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