Philippine Fashion Week SS 2012 x Triumph

Last October 27, I went to Philippine Fashion Week at SMX Mall of Asia to watch the Triumph show. Thanks to Ms. Claudine of LDL Marketing for the invite!

Registration was a bit of a mess, I didn’t know what category I was included in (was I media? random PFW gatecrasher? Do bloggers have their own category?), but I got in quickly despite this. There were food at the side and drinks as well, where guests helped themselves with everything that’s served. There was salad, and Italian Tiramisu, and some fishsticks and dip.

As the show was about to start, I made my way outside the photographers’ area, me with my little Canon 450D and a kitlens (18-55), feeling small with all those humongous and expensively tagged cameras being lugged around by industry pros. But I had to take photos, that’s why I risked bringing my camera, right? It was a hassle to bring in the first place, but I WANTED TO TAKE PHOTOS, I reminded myself.

Nearing the start of the show, people standing outside the media/ photographers’ booth were shooed away and was told to take their seats. Most of the nearer ones already being taken, I was hesitant to leave my current spot, but felt that I had no choice as the guards were also very strict.I made my way to the seats farther back, but decided to approach an usherette first to ask if there were reserved seats for guests of LDL Marketing, the PR for Triumph. Of course, I didn’t want to look like I feel important, and this was difficult to ask without looking mayabang, as if not knowing my place. I just wanted to make sure there were no reserved seats. Sayang naman di’ba, if I waste the opportunity of getting to appreciate the show at a whole new level (spell: nearer the ramp/ catwalk) just because I didn’t risk asking. I was told by the usherette that there were no reserved seats for guests of LDL Marketing. I told them I wanted to take photos and asked if there were still some free seats nearer the ramp. Just my luck because she replied that there were none, and that I would have to take a seat soon for the show is about to start. I sadly made my way to the seats at the back. As I was about to take my seat, another usherette was kind enough to tell me that there were seats nearer the front. Immediately, I followed her and got one of those third row seats. And then, i guess some people noticed that a lot of the VIP (first and second row seats) were not yet taken, so most of the people started occupying the front row seats. I stayed on the third row, but there was this man who called me and offered the unoccupied seat next to him on the second row. How could I resist sitting behind Divine Lee and Victor Basa? Second-to-the-front-row seats, baby! :) This is more than I’ve ever expected. Of course, I feel sorry for those VIPs who came in late and lost their seats.

Here are the photos from the show, some blurry, but it’s the best I could do. Please do not use in any way without my permission. Thank you!

More photos after the jump (Warning: Photo-heavy)

THE Ruffa Gutierrez was there as well to close the show. She looked stunning.

Loved the whole collection, it was sexy and wearable.

Outside the function room, they had a ligerie for display dating back circa 1900.

Just look at the details of that

Most of the guests got to take this home:

Front lock of the bra

Triumph has come a long way, with 125 years under its sleeve taking pride in themselves as ‘Tailors of the Female Shape’. Great show, Triumph. Fierce! – ED

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