[Hot Young Designers Update] Mini-Seminar for the Young Designer Contestants

I am truly excited for the Hot Young Designers Project as it moves forward, with a seminar set on Saturday, October 8, for both the designer contestants as well as ten blog partners (including me). The mini-seminar will be held at Le Bistro Vert, with esteemed speakers giving the contestants trade tips that will defintiely help them with the contest.

Included in the panel of speakers is Christine Kempeeners, who has been very successful in her craft. She is a graduate of the European Studies Program offered by Ateneo de Manila University. Her topic, “When Business and Culture Collide: Doing Business in a Culturally Diverse Setting” will be focusing on developing cultural awareness and its advantage in doing business with culturally diverse groups of people.

Coach Pia Nazareno, a Performance Management Coach, Entrepreneur, and Relationship Expert for more than a decade, will be tackling the topic of effectively communicating ideas and thoughts, becoming an influential and inspiring individual in the industry, as well as developing advanced leadership skills that will lead teams to success.

Lastly, speakers from Giordano, Ms. Reza Aznar and Carlo Chu will be giving the young designers a fashion perspective on how to relate trends to everyday people. Both speakers being graduates of BS Clothing Technology in UP Diliman, they would be discussing fashion forecasting, movements and influencers which would guide our five young designers in handling their collections in the future.

The five young designer contestants are really making their way towards success as they are being guided not only in making their collections, but also in the business and customer relations aspect of the craft.

We’ll be seeing their collections soon!

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