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Philippine Fashion Week SS 2012 x Triumph

Last October 27, I went to Philippine Fashion Week at SMX Mall of Asia to watch the Triumph show. Thanks to Ms. Claudine of LDL Marketing for the invite!

Registration was a bit of a mess, I didn’t know what category I was included in (was I media? random PFW gatecrasher? Do bloggers have their own category?), but I got in quickly despite this. There were food at the side and drinks as well, where guests helped themselves with everything that’s served...

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OOTD: Lazy Wednesday White and Gray

Thrifted White and Gray Blouse, Lace Leggings bought online, Doc Martens
Demented? Yeah, probably.
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Philippine Fashion Week SS 2012 x GUESS

I got to attend GUESS first Philippine Fashion Week show last Monday, courtesy of @edryanlorenzo of Status Magazine. (Thanks, Ed!)

I didn’t have my camera with me, so, no photos :( But it won’t stop me from telling you how the show went.

Opening the show was DJ Sanya Smith, who looked so edgy, I couldn’t take my eyes of her the whole show! New girl crush <3 Let me share with you some of my favorites from the show:
(Photos taken from Philippine Fashion Week’s Website)

Wild with the animal prints
Love the blazer
In love with the...
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The Breakout Diaries Episode 1

No, this is not a new drama series I’m hooked to. This is just a little something I use to refer to my recent life crisis.

While having pimples may not be bad for most people, I just can’t get over the fact that I can’t remember any period in my life when I was absolutely pimple-free. My recent breakout was triggered by a skin product which I found out two weeks later was incompatible with my skin type, hence, the battlefield on my face...

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[Review] Want Matte Lips? Try NYX Matte Lipstick in Pale Pink

I’ve come across NYX cosmetics many times during my online shopping. I love the quality of most NYX products, as well as its affordability. Half of my cosmetics collection is from NYX, which already says a lot.

NYX introduced their Matte Lipstick some months after their Matte Lip Cream. The Matte Lip Cream, known for its duality / identity crisis (their tagline — It’s neither a lipstick nor a lip gloss), was a hit with online shoppers. This time, NYX is giving us a Matte Lipstick...

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[Hot Young Designers Update] Mini-Seminar for the Young Designer Contestants

I am truly excited for the Hot Young Designers Project as it moves forward, with a seminar set on Saturday, October 8, for both the designer contestants as well as ten blog partners (including me). The mini-seminar will be held at Le Bistro Vert, with esteemed speakers giving the contestants trade tips that will defintiely help them with the contest.

Included in the panel of speakers is Christine Kempeeners, who has been very successful in her craft...

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Win Tickets to the Fashion Gives Back Bazaar!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, now that we’ve entered October, and barely some 80 days to go before the big day. I still feel like a kid, anticipating presents underneath the Christmas tree, except that now, I also have to get other people presents. This is one of my most favorite parts of Christmas: Shopping!
 I think it’s about time we start Christmas shopping, especially with the prices still not marked up for the coming shopping season, and still with less traffic ...
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Saturday Breakfast at Flapjacks + Flapjacks Buy 1 Take 1 Treat

With the number of blog posts about food recently on this blog, I’m definitely considering changing my blog’s name to “Everyday Doll Food” LOL. I can’t help it! We love to eat. It’s a basic need to eat food, and at the same time, a guilty pleasure to indulge in good food. :)

Last Monday, we watched Horrible Bosses, and after buying our tickets, we were given two free stubs for Flapjacks Buy 1 Take 1 Treat.

You’re given a stub when you watch a movie at Robinsons Place Ermita.


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