This week’s acquisition: Printed T-strapped Wedges

I finally found the time to head over to Greenhills and visit Ichigo Shoes’s Shop.
Unboxing my first pair of shoes from Ichigo
Love <3
The T-strapped style has little appeal to me in the past. I don’t know what’s with the sudden change of heart and on a whim I chose this pair. It’s probably the prints. But now, I’m loving T-straps more.

The box even comes with shoe care instructions under the box lid. So helpful!
The SA told me that they will be stocking up new items on the 20-ish of September. I can’t wait! I’ll be there again to check out new styles of oxfords (since I didn’t find any I like in stock during the time of my visit).

If you’re also crushing on their shoes, head over to Ichigo Shoes website or to their Greenhills shops at:

Theatre Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, Missouri Lane L37 Lower Ground

Shoppesvill 3rd Floor Atrium Lane

By the way, I got my pair from their Shoppesville Outlet. :)

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