This Week’s Acquisition: Hello, new satchel~

During the eve of Typhoon Pedring, or rather, the day before, I decided to go and take a trip to Greenhills. I personally find Greenhills so difficult to go to! It’s so inacessible for me who’s from Manila and is so tamad to take two rides to get there. BUT! For the love if Ichigo Shoes and bags, as well as rare finds that can only be found in Shoppesville, Theater Mall, as well as the Tiangge area (I swear there are just some things you cannot find in Divisoria. I tried.), I braved the storm and got myself safely to Greenhills.

I had one last voucher to use, 400php for 800php worth of merchandise from Ichigo Shoes. I couldn’t decide! Mainly because the oxfords designs were limited, but also kind of ambiguous already about getting myself a pair of oxfords (i think they kinda died already. Topsiders, also known as boat shoes, are making a comeback). And then I looked around and found a satchel! It’s not the Cambridge-inspired one, but I love it just the same.

Some photos of my new satchel:

What’s in my bag? Half of it is occupied by my makeup kit, and the other half, some random stuff. Alcohol, my lanyard with ID and calculator, a small can of fruit drops, my handy dandy notebook, self-inking stamp, a blue gel pen, a red gel pen, and a black pen, Grade 1 writing pad (I kinda use it for work), and my time card. Not seen in the photo, my keys and wallet.

All of it inside my small satchel, which isn’t really supposed to hold that much stuff, but I need all of them in my life. :)) 2 days of use, and the clasp already gave way, which really isn’t the clasp’s fault, I just like packing my bags full, and.. that’s what happens.

I use this bag everyday! I walk along the busy (and dangerous) Taft Ave with this bag, and I can say that this is holdap-proof (because I can’t even get my stuff by slipping my hand from the side openings). The strap’s a little long, and I can’t adjust it. But all in all, it’s a great find for 520 pesos! 400php worth of voucher plus I paid the 120pesos excess.

How about you? Any bag buys recently? Share them with me!

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