Revlon Professional Weekend Makeover

Last weekend, I got lucky to be invited to a makeover at Revlon Professional. (Drama insert: I didn’t get the chance to go to Blogapalooza, an event I’ve been looking forward to ALL month. It was because I got called in to work on my day off. Boo-hoo. So, this is probably how the universe is making up to me for making me miss Blogapalooza :))

We were given three treatment options: Scalp Treatment + Hair Cut and Style, Color + Hair Treatment, and Color + Highlights and Style. I chose Color + Hair Treatment, but it’s only now that I realize that I should have chosen Color + Highlights for that additional flair :)

I admit, I’m not the best person to ask about hair. Oftentimes, I neglect my hair because it’s that one part of me that I don’t really get to show off as much, because I work as a nurse, and we’re required to tie our hair neatly in a bun. Again, boo-hoo. My boyfriend sometimes keeps telling me I should take care of my hair more, which is surprising, to be coming from a guy. But there’s actually only one thing I want to do to my hair: DYE IT ASH BROWN.

So I went to Revlon Professional with a mission: get my dream hair color, which is:


I went to their Training Headquarters at Sta. Rosa St., Brgy Kapitolyo at around five in the afternoon. The place wasn’t easily identifiable, and all that gave it away was the Parking Slot Signs which read, Revlon Professional.

I walked in and saw Jeman of Orange Magazine TV and Ms. Hazel of Revlon Professional. She handed me my Makeover Card, where I ticked the box with the choice of Color + Hair Treatment. Before anything else, a photo of me prior to the makeover was taken.

There were also food and drinks served upstairs, which the guests munched on until it was their turn on the salon chairs.

There were soooooo many people having their hair done! As in, the smell of ammonia permeated the atmosphere. It felt like Kulayang Bayan (Mass Hair Makeover Day) with the number of people who came to have their hair made over. Super happy to be part of this experience :)

Here are some snapshots of the makeover that ensued:

Going up the second floor of Revlon Professional Training HQ
Beauty is not exclusive.
Love the plat wedges!

From hereon, please forgive the vanity pics

The “Before” Photo
You see I came armed. I brought a book I’m currently reading, “Fight Club” by Chuck Palahniuk. I was thinking it would take a while, and I might get bored, so I’d need something to read to pass time. I wasn’t able to browse a page at all. :))
Ms Zeny and Mylene(?) applying the dye on my hair

During treatment
I think I waited about twenty to thirty minutes before my hair was rinsed and treated again
And now, post treatment!
Now I know it doesn’t look anything like my ash brown dream hair color, BUT! I feel that it was my fault. I hesitated and pulled back a little, kasi the staff (mainly Ms Zeny) was nice enough to explain that if I wanted to achieve that color, they would be using some higher level power dyes (like from the blonde level) because my hair’s current color was dark brown. And suddenly, ambivalence sank in. I thought, Hala, what if it becomes too blonde?? It would be difficult to wear that hair (even up in a bun) when I’m in my uniform. Argh. I swear I’ll get the hair color of my dreams once I’m out of the hospital jobs. Soon. soon.
The experience made me realize three things:
1. You gotta take care of your hair. It is after all, one’s crowning glory. Clueless? Try some of Revlon’s Haircare Products for starters.

And if you’re thinking of getting your hair done, head over to the nearest Revlon Professional’s partner salons! [LIST of Partner Salons]

2. Never judge a book by its cover. This is so gasgas na, I don’t know why I bother repeating this, but it hit me so hard just now, when I looked up some of the people I met last weekend, thinking that they’re just some ordinary people (like me) getting their hair done, but no. Turns out, they’re some of the most talented people I’ll ever meet in this lifetime. There are just so many awesome people out there.
3. When you set your heart to do something, never back down, never hesitate.
Here’s an “After” photo of me with Ms Kathy Choy and Ms Hazel from Revlon Professional PH
Realization #4: This hairstyle makes me look fat in photos. Boo.
The color didn’t show so much, but I’m sure it’s not the product because I saw some amazing, eye-popping, outstanding colors that weekend. If I dared, I would have been a blonde now. But I’ll save it for next time. #procrastination #sourgraping
Again, thanks so much to Orange Magazine TV and Revlon Professional PH for the awesome Weekend Makeover! I love my current hair and hair color. I know eventually the color will show with a few more washes, so I’m hoping it will be lighter than my current hair color. Till next time~

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