Have you received a suspension email from "support@twitter.com"?

Last week, I got this email from a certain support@twitter.com. It was in my Inbox, which means it was not considered as spam. The email read:

This totally shook me, because it’s actually true that I follow a huge number of people not proportional to the number of my followers. Of course, I’m not doing it to be annoying on purpose, and I have really never heard of being suspended for following accounts of people you really want to follow. When has that been such a crime??

I immediately checked my account, tried posting and following and retweeting and whatnot, only to find out that everything is still working out the way it should.

Getting back to my email and reading further, the email sender has offered a proposal:

And I was like, “WTF?? Where did that come from?”

Looking at the email, it totally seemed legit! But when they offered to help me “avoid suspension” by completing a “starbucks offer”, that just made it so clear for me that this email wasn’t from twitter.

Upon closer inspection, the email sender dropped a lot of hints that the email wasn’t really from who they want to appear it to be:

What are those ellipses for? Why are the font colored white?

I’ve received a number of emails like these in the past week, and when I try to highlight them, they show some hidden texts which has names, like “…..Marcia” or “Greg……”. It was so weird!

Bottom line is, if you ever receive this email, don’t click on the link, don’t complete any offers. Here’s what you have to do:

What you can do if you receive a fake email:
1. Forward the email to spoof@twitter.com
2. Delete the email from your inbox. Don’t download any attachments from these emails.(Taken from Twitter’s Help Center)

 Twitter doesn’t use the email address support@twitter.com to send out suspension email, neither will it ask you to complete Starbucks offers. Always keep safe from phishing emails such as this, and don’t offer any usernames or passwords!

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