An Intimate Afternoon with Lourd Ramos, Smashbox, and Beauty Bar

Last August 31, Beauty Bar’s Bella Trebelle posted on her facebook account that they are giving five lucky ladies a chance to enjoy a makeover, care of Smashbox’s Chief Makeup Artist, Lourd Ramos, and a photoshoot from pro photographer Ken Go. Well, I happen to be one of those lucky girls :)

I made my way to Rockwell Powerplant Mall’s Beauty Bar, and was overwhelmed by the makeup line that Smashbox has to offer.

When I got to Beauty Bar, I found that the makeover session has already started, with Lourd Ramos already doing his magic on the first girl on set, Monica.

Now, for those of you who is not familiar with Lourd Ramos, he is the owner and Creative Director of Creations Salon. Already more than a decade into his craft, he has won numerous awards in the international playing field, as well as local awards, which includes being named as Studio 23’s Make-up Artist of the Year for 2010. He is also an Ambassador to Davines Italia Colour and Smashbox Cosmetics. He usually holds Smashbox Master Classes where he shares his tips and tricks to a bigger audience, but this time, he chose a smaller venue where he was able to share his trade secrets on a one-on-one basis.

When he saw me coming towards the Smashbox booth, he greeted me warmly, and was very accomodating. He invited me to sit across Monica, so that I can observe the makeup techniques he’s applying, as well as listen to the tips and tricks he’s sharing with Monica.

In this photo, Lourd shows us how he conceals dark undereyes with his “Sandwich technique” where he placed a small amount of Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener, and putting in between, at the center of the undereye, a small amount of Smashbox Concealer. He then mixes them together with his brush, and blends the mixture evenly and perfectly to conceal dark tones under the eyes.

Lourd explains that he applies foundation starting from the cheeks, and blend it by pulling it down with the middle fingers (or a brush). This allows for a more even and flawless coverage.

Monica opted to go for a Natural Day Look, with not so much coverage. Lourd decides that the perfect product for her is Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer, which gave her little to medium coverage, but felt very light on the skin. Here, Lourd shows that you can apply the Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer with your (clean!) fingers…

…or with the use of a brush.

Lourd also says that if you’re not sure of the best shade of powder for your skin, use Smashbox Photo Set Fnishing Powder with SPF 15, to set your makeup, as well as avoid any boo-boos when matching powder on your skin. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t come in various shades, it’s a fit all skin tone type of powder. Whereas with powders available in various shades, if you are acidic, your skin might react with the powder and turn it into a darker shade, making you appear like your skin color’s gray.

Here is Monica made over:

Afterwards, I also got my chance to experience a makeover. I’ve been doing my makeup for a while now, and I haven’t enjoyed being made up by another person, so I was really looking forward to be all dolled up by not just anyone, but Lourd Ramos himself.

I don’t have a lot of photos of me being made up, but I’ll be sharing some of the tips I learned here:

First tip: Lourd says, “Don’t shave your eyebrows too much!” EEP! Guilty! I am not really comfortable with shaving my brows, and as much as I try, I haven’t found the perfect shape for me, so I experiment once in a while. I asked Lourd what shape would best fit my round, chubby face, and he says, “Definitely square.” He says that celebrities nowadays have been sporting square eyebrows.

Tip #2: Use eyeshadow to line the lower lash line.

Tip #3: Use Smashbox’s Emulsion Lip Exfoliant to scrub the lips of dried skin and dead skin cell, and moisturize it well. It has peppermint oil, which smells and tastes great! Well, you’re not supposed to eat it or lick it off your lips.

Looking at myself in the mirror, almost done with my make-over.

And here’s my photo after:

I love my eye makeup. We decided to go with something more dramatic, so some dark eyeshadows were used, and Lourd really made it so that the makeup would accentuate my eyes.

Monica decided to go for a round two, transforming her day look, now into a Night look.

Here’s Ms. Reina from Beuaty Bar, transforming Monica to Night Glam look

It was funny, though, coz at first, Monica and I didn’t know each other. While she was being made up by Ms. Reina, I decided to talk with her, and we kind of hit it off with each other. Even before she finished with the second part of her makeover, we already decided to walk around the mall together and pass time, maybe have coffee or something.

Before we left, we decided to have our photo taken together. New found friend! :)

Pwede na bang pang-Clean and Clear Bestfriends Commercial? Haha!

We didn’t look like strangers to each other on this photo. I never expected to gain a friend from this experience. :)

Before I end this post, I wanna share with you my two favorite Smashbox discoveries:

Smashbox’s O-Glow
Smashbox’s O-Gloss

Smashbox’s O-Glow and O-gloss. Two makeup award winners in their own right. Both are translucent in color, but when applied to cheeks and lips, respectively, takes the natural color of a blush, or your natural lip color. O-glow gives that natural flushed color to your face, while the O-gloss takes your natural lip color and adds gloss to it, for a natural, more beautiful pair of puckers.

How about you guys? Any Smashbox products you’re lovin’ lately?

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