The French Baker Closing Hour Sale — Breads at Half Price

Break muna sa makeup and reviews. Today I want to share with you my shopping experience at The French Baker, Robinsons Place Ermita.

I live just around Rob, so sometimes, I get to stay past eight and I see this people lining up over at French Baker. The first time I witnessed this, it really got me curious. I realized that this was because during closing hour, or starting at 9:00 PM, The French Baker sells their left-over breads at half price!

This is amazing for two reasons:

1. If all of their bread is sold by the end of the day, it only means that the bread they would be selling the next day are guaranteed fresh

2. Half price for French Baker products! Need I say more?

Last Saturday night, I decided to bring along my mom and dad as I experience for the first time lining up for the half priced breads. We got there at around 8:15 PM and surprisingly, about ten to twelve people were already ahead of us! Imagine, still a long 45 minutes to go, and these people are already patiently waiting in line. I couldn’t leave anymore because I knew that the people attracted by the sight will slowly grow in number. I waited, and waited.

I have come to realize that many kinds of people take part in the sale. The people standing behind me seemed a bit financially disadvantaged, and kept talking about how, in the past, it was only them and a few other people who knew about the half price sale. Some other people in front of me seemed more capable in the financial aspect. As for me, I was just there for the experience.

Again, another surprise was how, even though the bread would be sold at half price at 9 PM, other people still continued to buy the bread at regular price until around 9 PM! Attracted by the long line, a woman approaches the girl in front of me to ask what it was all about. Upon learning, they did not fall in line. Instead, they continued to buy their loaf of bread for full, regular price.

The staff started to pile up the remaining breads in one glassed section of the shop, and started handing out priority numbers to those who have fallen in line. We were handed a card numbered 18, yet it felt like there were only about ten or eleven people in front of us. My dad told me and my mom to go ahead over to the glassed section and see what we’d pick for ourselves. Obediently, we went and checked out what’s left of the bread. I immediately spotted two of my favorites: Peach Danish and Cheese roll. With about ten more people ahead of us, my mom and I were fervently praying that our favorites won’t be picked out before our turn.

Finally, our turn came. Here are the ones we got:

See the two slices of cake over there? Regularly priced at 70 pesos, we got to take it home for 35 each! Such a steal! And it tasted really great, too!

Our grand total? 206 pesos for all of these amazing and scrumptious pastries! So if we were to buy all these before closing hour, we’d be paying about 412 pesos.

Contents of my shopping bag

I wasn’t able to take lots of photos, but maybe next time! I’ll surely be doing this again, after such an amazing experience of getting to save, and at the same time, taking home delicious bread from The French Baker. I’ll make sure to bring a book next time and be early, so that I get to take home more goodies!

How about you? Any bakeshop deals you’ve availed recently?

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