Sweet Pampering at Beauty And Butter

Got tired feet? I do. Not just that, but tired hands, sometimes even coupled with an aching back. I’d like to give you guys an idea on what I do for a living. My day job is a nurse in one of the busiest tertiary hospitals in the metro. My shift runs for eight hours a day, about five days a week. My job as a nurse entails that I attend to every patient’s needs, even if it means not getting a chance to sit down even for a moment during the whole shift. Continuous walking, taking long strides to and from patients.. it does get tiring. At the end of the day, you’d feel the toll of the hard work rendered.
Wanting to give myself some quality R&R, Last Saturday, I decided to treat myself to some lovely pampering at Beauty and Butter, Megamall Branch.
The Place: Walking along the fifth floor of SM Megamall, Beauty and Butter would definitely call your attention with its amazing design, not only outside, but also inside. It looks so classy from the outside that you might shy away from it because their services might not fit your budget. While classy, Beauty and Butter balances quality services with affordability.
Once you walk in, you’ll be greeted by their courteous staff at the counter. I wanted some hand and feet pampering, and decided to go with the hand and foot paraffin. Ms. Julie, one of the friendly staff of B&B, offered to package it with manicure and pedicure, but I had to decline. We’re not allowed to wear nail polish at work. Quite sad, because I’m a fan of long, painted nails.
I was ushered to my seat. The seats were colourful and attractive. They had TVs around the place playing one of the concerts of the Corrs. They have magazines the client can read while being serviced. Here’s a treat for customers who avail more than 500 pesos worth of services: you get to use their Ipad while being serviced! Surf on the internet, play games, watch movies, or listen to music, whatever you fancy doing with the Ipad.
The Staff: In all honesty, I found the staff very accommodating. I was observing them at first to see how they go about with their work, and noted that each and everyone of their attendants (they call themselves Buttercups) seem to be enjoying their tasks! Smiling, talking cheerfully with the customers, and constantly seeking feedback from the client, it was really different from what I usually experience in other spas. It was so nice to see that they were interested in what they were doing, and not just trying to get the work over with. You’ll feel very much valued in their hands.
I was attended by my Buttercup, Jhen. What I liked most about Jhen was that she valued my feedback. She would ask if the temperature of the water was bearable, or if the pressure was to my liking. She also made me feel at ease because she would ask me questions, and saw me not simply as a client, but as a person with an interesting story. I spent my time talking with her over watching the concert or reading some magazines.
The Service: I was supposed to go for the hand and foot spa, but there was some problem with the water. We later decided to convert it into hand and foot paraffin. I’ve never tried it out before, so I’m curious as to how it would be done, and what would be the effect.
Jhen explains that the paraffin wax used for the hands was milk paraffin wax, while for the feet is lavender paraffin wax. The paraffin wax is supposed to absorb impurities from the skin, and leave the skin with a smoother, softer feel. This was perfect, because I have sad hands – no kidding, coz I have to handwash with water or alcohol very often to prevent transmission of infection to and from patients, leaving my hands dry and looking old. This might be just what I need.
My hands were soaked in the wax. When you think about it, it’s a bit frightening, to be putting your hands into something that might burn or scald you. Eep. It was hot! But only temporarily.
My feet with paraffin wax wrapped with plastic wrap and towels
After 15 minutes that the wax have dried, it was peeled off and my hands and feet were massaged with lotion. I remember my mom commenting, “Ang lambot ng kamay mo ha” when we met up after the session.
Beauty and Butter also offers products such as the Enormous Lash Serum, as well as BB creams from Korea, and lotions and products for the face.
I wish I could try their nail arts in the future, because I’ve hear feedbacks that B&B are amazing at nail arts. But I’ll definitely try to get a pedicure and a facial from them sometime :)
Beauty and Butter branches are located at:

5F Megamall Atrium (flagship shop)
2F Mall of Asia’s Entertainment Wing

2F SM San Lazaro
Pay them a visit and have an awesome spampering day like I did! Butter up, dolls! :)

More info about Beauty and Butter from their website here: Beauty and Butter

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