Review: G&G Burn Pink

Today I’ll be reviewing one of my favorite circle lenses among those I’ve tried, the GnG or G&G Burn Pink. I love circle lenses, and I love the color pink! It’s a wonderful combination.

This is how it would look like in photos online when you search for it.

And here are some of my pictures wearing a pair of G&G Burn Pink:

Daylight Lighting. I was seated by the window.

Size / Diameter: 14.5 mm

Comfort: 5/5 Super comfortable, not drying. I can wear this all day, and forget I’m actually wearing it.

Design: 5/5! really cute! It’s pink, it’s pretty, it gives a dolly-eye effect. What more can I ask for? Despite being pink, it doesn’t make the user look like an albino rabbit. (I wouldn’t mind, though :) I like standing out in the crown, so a pair of pink contacts is just what you’d need if you’re like me. However, for those who want something more natural, it would be best to steer away from this pair.

Price/ Availability: I bought this pair from Japanese Candy. I think it’s priced at around 700-750 pesos per pair (around $17.5-18) It’s worth the price.

Pics from afar when worn:


That’s about it for now. I hope you find a great pair of lens like I did!

How about you? What brand of lens are you rocking right now?

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