Random Snapshots — August 3rd Week

Still spending my weeknights chilling over at Caffeina, Adriatico Manila

Reading Japanese Fashion Magazines over my favorite Caramel Toasted Mallows

Thursday Dinner with family. This is our thanksgiving dinner for finally having internet connection after 2 months. Up to this day, I still cannot believe that I did not die from the lack of internet connection. It’s like oxygen to me :)) and the frequent trips to Caffeina felt like gasps of breaths.

Then there were breakfasts like this — composed of Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal Drink and a good book. Yes, I devour books when I’m hungry. This time, it’s Rant by Chuck Palahniuk.

“You are your own favorite hobby. You are an expert on you.” True Story.

“Music is crucial. Beyond no way can I overstress this fact.”

With that, a photo of my newest acquisition, a pair of pink CD-R king headphones. The usual mediocre quality from CD-R king, but for a hundred bucks, I’m in no position to complain :)) This is just a gift anyway. It’s great for gym use, because it’s compact and lightweight. It’s also the kind of earphones that embraces your ears. This is good for kids like me who can’t move without some funky music playing in the background. Hoping to upgrade soon, though :)

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