NOTD 08/26/2011

As some of you may know, I’m a nurse by profession, and I’m currently employed in a tertiary hospital in Manila. And yes, nurses are NOT allowed to wear nail polish. I don’t really know the exact conditions, whether it’s absolutely contraindicated to wear nail polish, or allowed but with limitations on the color or shades to be used. Ergo, this is the best color I could choose for myself.

I’m actually doing this because I have two days off (yay!) followed by three days with work (That’s Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday for you. Boo! No long weekend for me :< ) and you know, I'm really missing painting my nails and growing it long. As long as I'm working as a nurse, I'll never be able to grow it longer than pictured above.^ So this is the color I chose: Bobbie Premium Nail Creme Ever After Glaze. It’s a really pretty sheer pink, which requires two coats for you to appreciate the pink color. First coat would seem as if there’s hardly any polish on your nails. I used two coats Ever After + two coats Colorless Polish.

It’s a very subtle pink, almost the color of natural nails.

Sorry for the orz application. It’s not the best cause I hardly put on nail polish. I’m going to try and experiment with other colors (and yes, I would be removing it hours before I go on duty)

I also didn’t choose more expensive brands of nail polish since I’m just experimenting for now.

I bought an emery board for filing my nails. Sometimes my nails are uneven, and I want to smoothe the edges, so an emery board is very important when doing your nails. I chose a happy, rainbow-colored emery board. This one is priced around 21 pesos at Robinsons Department Store.

It’s cute and big. However, it is also a bit soft, which makes it difficult to manipulate. When buying emery boards, make sure you choose a tough one so that you can file your nails with little difficulty.

I’d appreciate suggestions on how to do my nails! :) I’m always trying to learn new stuff, and I know I have little experience in doing my nails. Do share your thoughts by commenting :)

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