Hair Color Inspirations Part 2

So it’s been three months already since I had my hair dyed, and I’m dying to get a hair color that’s a bit lighter than what I have now. Again, I’m only going to refer to photos of ulzzangs I stumble upon online :)

Her hair color is a light reddish brown shade that’s not annoying to look at. It’s quite pretty <3
This one’s reddish brown as well, although the brown is darker.
Ash brown. I still like this shade, but I’m torn between reddish brown and ash brown
This one’s more blonde than ash brown. I think this might be too much for me, but I like it!

I do have hats for sale like that of the girl in the last photo, if anyone’s interested, I’m selling each for 275 pesos, shipping fee not included. :) Do leave me a wall post @ Everyday Doll on Facebook

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