Good things are making a comeback this September.

One more day, and the start of the -ber months will be here! I can’t believe time flew so fast, and it’s already September tomorrow. Now while that also marks the start of the preparation for Christmas festivities here in the Philippines, I have other cooler and much more immediate events to be giddy about :D
First, the season 3 TV premiere of the Vampire Diaries on September 15, Thursday.
The third season will pick up from where the second season left off, with the primary dilemma being Klaus, an Original–the strongest vampire of their kind, takes with him Stefan to become his personal killing machine, leaving Elena behind with Damon. Of course, of great concern to the Delena fans is, will Damon’s love for Elena triumph this time around, now that Stefan is away?
Alaric, I saw the light. Damon is the hotter brother.
Also, I’m personally looking forward to seeing Nina Dobrev back on screen. She is one of my thinspirations as well as someone I look to for fashion ideas <3
Meanwhile, here are some shots of Nina Dobrev on Nylon’s September 2011 Issue.
On to other news, my favorite Korean Girl Group, KARA, is making a comeback schedules September 6th.

They even opened their own channel on Youtube (, which would feature live shows, sneak peeks, behind the scenes, as well as provide a direct forum, allowing fans to ask questions to the group.


KARA has become famous because of their “butt dance” from the choregraphy of their song, “Mister”

Watch the video here:

Hoping for more good things to come this September! :)

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